Printed Sleeved Blankets - Staying Warm While Being Fashionable

Printed sleeved blankets have increased in popularity over the past couple of years.  The first time I had ever heard of this product was by watching an infomercial for the Snuggie.  I immediately thought the idea was ridiculous, but then I realized that I'm probably not their target audience.  I was right, as more and more people that I know have bought these type of blankets.

As a male in his late twenties, I thought the idea of sleeved blankets would never work.  I saw people wearing them in infomercials and thought they looked really strange.  I soon realized that these companies probably aren't targeting young males to buy their product.  This lead to my girlfriend actually receiving one as a Christmas present from a family member.  She's usually cold, even in the warmer months, so we always have a couple of blankets out on the couch and chairs in our living room.  She started using her new present and absolutely loved it.  One of the main reasons is because we have a couple of cats, who definitely love being the center of attention.  With our regular blankets, they would lay on her, but she'd have to pull her arms out to hold or pet them, which lead to her arms getting cold.  With the sleeved blanket, she can still keep her arms warm while interacting with our pets.

Once the plain sleeved blankets became more popular, companies started making printed sleeved blankets.  Most of the ones that I have seen are for college or professional sports teams.  You can now get one of your favorite pro team, in their team colors, with their logo printed all over the blanket.  The same can be done for your favorite college team, or the college that you went to.  People are very loyal and passionate about the college they attended, as well as their favorite teams, so this was a great idea by those who make the sleeved blankets.  Instead of buying one that's simply one color, you can get your favorite team printed on there instead.  Some of the more popular ones are for colleges such as Nortre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan, and Texas.  Others simply include printed designs and patterns, which make them look more fashionable.

The sleeved blankets are great for staying warm, while still being able to use your arms.  They really come in handy when reading, using your computer or tablet, eating, or anything that requires you to use your arms and hands.  It's hard to do those things while trying to stay warm with a regular blanket.  The people I know who have a blanket with sleeves absolutely love them.  They can stay warm while not being limited to keeping their arms and hands underneath the blanket.