Printer errors
Credit: Printer errors

There are several issues that printer users may encounter when maintaining a printer. It is something inevitable that regardless of what brand it came from, you still may experience errors and failures. Hewlett-Packard as well, being one of the tech-giants in the print industry, along with the other well-known brand manufacturers are not fully exempted to customers complaints.

For someone who is not used to troubleshooting print errors especially those related to cartridges, it’s a relief for them to find a simple way which anyone could possibly do to mend the unit. Some of the common problems with an HP LaserJet model printer are listed below, together with the ways on how to correct the problem in the most uncomplicated way.

Error Code 10

This error states that there’s a problem with the cartridge chip from the toner. Unless it is not hardware related fault, you can simply reset the unit by turning it off and unplugging it from the power outlet. After a few minutes, turn it back on and see if the problem disappears. If it doesn’t work out, remove the cartridges like you’re just replacing them and re-install them again back to their specific slots.

Error Code 12

When replacing used cartridges with new supplies always make sure you placed them on their right color slot, firmly and properly to avoid this problem. If you’re pretty sure you have installed them correctly, and then check if the front cover of the machine is properly closed. There’s also a chance that the PS5 sensor may have been defective which caused the problem.

Error Code 14

Also known as “Unrecognized Toner Cartridge Error”, it occurs when the installed cartridge is either faulty or incompatible. It may also appear when you remove the cartridges and close the cover of the machine without replacing new ones. Re-installing a new replacement normally resolves this error, or just remove and return the currently installed item.

Error Code 16

It’s another typical error that you may encounter especially to those who are using their printer regularly. Commonly referred to as “Low Toner Error”, it simply means that the installed cartridge is soon to be empty or just a little low on supply. It’s practically more of a warning rather than an error to be considered.

Error Code 54

You’ll find it absurd if you encounter this error with your machine. It is simply because this is an error that only occurs when the sealing tape from the cartridge was not removed. The chance of having a faulty cartridge may also be considered a factor, but unless none of these two appear to be the cause of the problem, then a call from an HP support could be an option.