If you're trying to buy new printer ink cartridges you're probably wondering to yourself why the cartridges are so much money. Why are refilled ink cartridges so much cheaper than new cartridges? Well the honest answer is quite obvious when you thinking about it: printer manufacturers want to make tons of money.

Printer ink cartridges you buy today are all made in China. Every cartridge is outsourced to foreign countries, even brand name cartridges like HP ink or Epson ink cartridges are manufactured overseas. Many of these cartridges, even though they're different brands, are made in the same factories. The price for ink cartridges aren't caused by the manufacturing process, but instead by the people who sell you the ink.

When you go to the store to buy an ink cartridge, you're paying an exceptionally high markup price (like 40%). While its their way to make money and keep themselves in business, its definitely not good for you when you want to save money. Finding cheap ink cartridges is more like finding the cheapest ink supplier. Internet sellers of ink are by the far the cheapest ink suppliers. Internet websites have exceptionally low overhead which means they can save you tons of money when you buy ink.

If you're afraid of the cost of ink cartridges, you may want to consider a more efficient printer. Many people who have printers don't realize that they're spending exponentially larger amounts of money than people who spent a couple hundred dollars more on their printer. If you're one of those people who paid $50 for their printer, here's a tip: you're being screwed. Budget ink printers are terrible at saving you money. More often than not, you're sitting down at your computer and try to print and find out you just ran out. Most cheap printers have cartridges that only get you (maybe) 200 pages. What you don't realize is someone who spent more money on their printer, for the same priced ink cartridges, can get upwards to 800 to 1000 pages per ink set. Yes, that's right, those people get 5 times the page yield for the same price as you.

If you find yourself getting new ink cartridges every month or so, you should get a new printer. If you are getting printer ink cartridges every 4 months, you have the perfect printer for yourself. To save money on ink, if you're in that 4 month category, is buying ink cartridges online.