Printer recycling has become easier than ever since the problem of e-waste has become a hot topic. Some companies like Dell, for example, are doing all they can to make sure electronics are recycled appropriately. Sadly, some electronics parts have been shipped to developing countries where there are either weak regulations or no regulations at all regarding diposal. These e-waste centers utilize whatever means necessary to extract the precious metals from the electronics... They will even burn the plastic, releasing toxic fumes.

Don't Contribute to E-Waste

Fortunately, some electronics manufacturers are trying to take responsibility by disallowing exportation of their products to these countries and creating responsible recycling programs. A few of the major manufacturers are even working with the National Cristina Foundation to donate electronics to people and organizations in need.

There are more and more options for printer recycling all the time. If you have a functional printer, you can donate it to Goodwill, a local school, church, public agency or any number of non-profits. The Cristina Foundation offers at-home or office pick up for free, too.

Some manufacturers offer cash for your old computer. Mind you, the compensation is nothing to write home about, but it's better than nothing, right? Plus, they generally make the process fairly simple for you. Other companies only offer recycling services. Some will pay for shipping and handling, others won't. Some will only recycle their own brands, while others will take any brand.

The NCER (National Center for Electronics Recycling) offers free printer recycling, too. They have numerous recycling centers throughout all states in the U.S. There are also for profit recycling companies that will take your printer off your hands.

Whatever route you choose, please do us all a favor and keep your electronics out of the landfills. Printer recycling is easy, just a small step you can take for the greater good.