Everyone online and offline are trying to find a printer toner discount. Let's face it, laser jet ink can be really expensive. The average cost of printer cartridges is at around $30 bucks. As the cost of printers still continue to fall, industry experts believe the cost of ink jet toner will continue to rise. Some wonder why?

Well most believe that it's profit driven. Manufactures realize that a $50 printer is just an enticement, because you'll be back likely paying 10 or 20 times that during the 4-5 year life of your ink jet or laser printer.

Still people want to know where to get discount ink for printers. And considering the rising prices of toner who can blame them?

Luckily there are a myriad of cheap ink options. Finding a printer toner discount is actually relatively easy if you know where to look.

Printer Toner Discount

 Let's take a look at a few likely places that can supply you with cheap toner:

  1. Amazon: You can often find recycle manufactured toner with this online retailer. Suppliers will upload their inventory and you can choose from generic toner cartridges that can still work for your printer. Be advised that cheap toner does come at a “cost”. Sometimes you truly do pay for what you get, in that not all remanufactured toner is recycled the same. Contact the manufacturer directly and ask the about how they recycle their ink. Typically they should completely empty and clean out the old container, ultrasonically and THEN refill with fresh ink. They should also have quality assurance practices which ensures that the ink prints quality pages and to OEM spec.

  2. Ebay: Of course Ebay is one of the places that everyone goes for everything. You can often find brand new cheap toner here, however, I would steer clear of anything remanufactured or recycled because you really don't know who is doing what on this site. Amazon has some ACTUAL retailers who are in the toner cartridge business, this opposed to fly by night people who might just be looking for a fast buck at your expense.

  3. Price Aggregators like Nextag.com: Nextag and aggregators like them online are often excellent resources to get cheap laser ink. Again remember that the same rules apply here to. Once you find the cheapest price for your recycled toner or even new ink jet cartridges, inquire regarding practices on how such toner is recycled or produced to avoid issues with the cartridge down the line.


There you have it. You can absolutely find some great toner discounts online and even offline if you look hard enough. But be careful because not all discounted ink is made alike. Some go through pretty shady recycling practices. While others are top notch resources in scoring perfectly good ink for purchase.


Just remember to always inquire how the ink is produced and recycled. And remember that sometimes you pay for what you get. If the laser ink is too cheap to believe, it often times has gone through a really quick refill process which will comprise your print jobs. And you will surely be sorry for this.


Be smart online when looking for your printer toner discount.