Many of us, upon graduating high school and college set forth in a world full of opportunities and greatness. In school, we are continually taught to follow our “passions” and follow our “dreams.” For many of us, this can feel as big as world domination. However, the one aspect of life that is seldom talked about is being able to prioritize and achieve smaller goals that are necessary for human survival.

Take for example, the art of keeping a home. Long ago, while men continued their education, women stayed home with their mothers to learn how to keep house. The roles in the world were well got to focus on world domination, while the women had to tend to the home, the husband and the children. Now, things aren’t as cut and dry (thankfully!) and many of us need to improve our house cleaning abilities. How can one focus on world domination with dirty laundry all over the floor, or a pile of dirty dishes sitting in the sink, begging to be washed? The answer is, you can’t. It is impossible for most of us to have a clear mind when our homes are full of clutter.

Another great example is that of our health. With the obesity epidemic in the United States still climbing and starting to become more apparent in other countries, it is time for us to take action. Obesity in itself is difficult enough. It’s harder to walk, carry things, find clothes to wear, and even find a significant other when one is obese. Then, add to the mix all the health problems that obesity can cause...knee problems, cancer, heart disease, diabetes. With all of this going inside one’s body, it’s nearly impossible to focus on anything else, despite one’s best efforts. Instead, you may easily find yourself lying in a hospital bed, unable to move. World Domination would be next to impossible in this situation.

The solution is of course to focus on these smaller goals before a larger problem arises and to have a sense of inner peace and accomplishment. In doing so, you will be clearing your mind of extraneous clutter and allowing yourself to work more freely. Of course, you may have other life goals you may need to focus on as well such as financials, relationships, faith, etc. All of these are important aspects to have in check which can lead to a well balanced life. One of the easiest and fastest ways to get these under control is to set daily and weekly routines for each one. In doing so, you would be holding yourself accountable to managing your life. If you’d like, you can visit my article on how to keep a home clean in under 20 minutes a day, here: Once you have routines for all of these areas in your life, putting all of your focus into something like World Domination may not seem like such a big feat at all.