Private Business Jets

Learning About Private Business Jets

Accommodations, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service are driving many companies to use private business jets. Private business jets meet the highest safety standards, operating globally with independently audited pilots and flight attendants. They are not, however, for every business (due to the somewhat prohibitively expensive cost).

Private business jets are the most comprehensive travel available. They provide work areas that make conferencing possible while traveling. For comfort and luxury, private business jets are available from Turboprops to Jumbo Business Jets. Executives traveling by private business jets, with VIP travel, can be accommodated to allow desires and needs to be met while maintaining privacy for business discussions. It is really like having an office in the sky.

While there are many private business jets, both rentals and company owned are available. One of the most popular is the Boeing Business Jet. They are a smaller version of the commercial airliners and will seat up to 50 passengers. Some of the features include a master bedroom, full bath with showers, kitchen, a dining room that can be converted into a conference room, and there is ample living room space to accommodate 25 to 50 passengers in comfort and luxury. It almost sounds like a house!

Some of these aircrafts have chefs who use the kitchen to create customized, distinctive meals. When traveling in your own private business jet, there is no need to skimp on services offered to family, friends, or business partners. After all, you have access to superior meals fit for kings and queens by the chef of your choice.

With all Boeing private business jets, a buyer picks the interior layout, design, and colors. Boeing provides extensive support, as their private business jets have an intercontinental range. On the Boeing website, they state: "The Boeing Business Jet is a 50/50 partnership between Boeing Commercial Airplanes and General Electric."

Gulfstream offers various sizes of private business jets: the Executive 12/6, the Universal 14/6, and the Hallmark 16/6. The most popular private business jet among Fortune 500 companies is their Universal 14/6, featuring a rear kitchen. Also, it will accommodate 14 passengers with full sleeping space for six people.

The Gulfstream website states, "When creating a G450 Tailored Interior, first select and place seat groupings, then create the perfect cabin to accommodate your unique needs." The work areas are split into three separate sections. The front section gives a roomy four-place grouping for small private meetings while traveling. The center section offers a six-person club space for working or relaxing. The rear kitchen has group dining and working areas.

Hot meals can be prepared for travelers in the rear kitchen featuring a high-temperature oven, microwave, and refrigerator for food storage. The water sterilization process alleviates needing bottled water regardless where one travels.

The communication system aboard the aircraft allows for faxing, an entertainment system, and dual-satellite communications. The two lavatories (front and rear) include vacuum toilets, floor-to-ceiling closets, and mirrored vanities for maximum storage. If you are looking for a traveling office or a quiet retreat, private business jets can help you to meet the needs of your business.