There are a number of great advantages for choosing private jet charter as a means of transportation instead of traditional commercial flights. Especially for those who are constantly on the go and have specific scheduling and personal needs, private jet charter offers many benefits.

When you charter your own private jet, you are exempt from many of the dreaded hassles associated with the traditional flying experience. Booking flights at the appropriate time according to corporate flight schedules is the first of many difficulties that private jet setters do not have to deal with. When you charter your own private jet, you don't have to worry about flight delays, long airport security lines, layovers, and cramped muscles from small plane seats.

Private Jet Charter
With a private aircraft charter, there is no set departure time that you will miss if you experience personal delays on the way to the airport. For professionals that have unpredictable schedules and careers with pressing demands, private jets are a great alternative. Many professionals that are required to travel around the country frequently elect to take charted jets to minimize their travel time and increase the amount of time they have to spend on their personal life and with their families.

Jet charter travel undoubtedly offers a level of flexibility that is unsurpassed. Not only is travel time minimized compared to a commercial flight, boat charter, or limo, but there is typically no extra charge for brief stops at locations along the way to your destination, as long as they are within your allotted charter contract. This is especially wonderful for passengers who are flying overseas. In Europe, for example, after a certain mileage, it is dramatically less expensive to travel to nearby destinations in the region compared to making individual trips to each place, flying out from the United States each time.

Commercial air travel is notorious for it's lack of air circulation on board. The more passengers on a plane, the more potential there is for germs and bacteria to be released into the air and passed from person to person. At a high altitude in a plane, there is no way for air to circulate because of the lack of available oxygen at these atmospheric conditions; whereas on the ground, typically the high densities of germs and bacteria disperse quickly, reducing the likelihood of human contamination and human to human spreading of illnesses. Often, individuals that have autoimmune disorders or weak immune systems choose to charter private jets because of the much more sanitary conditions of a jet with fewer passengers.

For various circumstances including individual travel, health, and scheduling needs, jet charter vacations are often a much more comfortable, safe, and convenient alternative to traditional commercial air carriers.