If you have a blog or website and are looking to sell products or services you will need a lot of original high quality content that is helpful for the reader.

Unique content rules on the Internet and this is something you as a webmaster need to generate as much as possible if you are interested in having a successful site.

You can do research and write content your self or you can buy original content that someone else has written.

The problem is that writing articles is very time consuming because you need to do keyword research in order to rank better in the search engines, then you need to write the article and post it, and finally you need to wait until the article shows up in the search results before you can submit it to
social bookmarking sites for more links and traffic.

Let´s say you want to build a blog about a small niche you have no knowledge about.The first thing you need is to setup the blog, but after that you will need to write at least 35 articles in order to get authority for the blog.

Writing 35 articles about something you have no idea about will take at least a 2 weeks if you write every day.The other option is to outsource the writing to someone and pay $10 per article, $350 is a lot of money and many people are not willing to spend that much if there is no guarantee the niche blog is going to be profitable some day.

There is another option, private label resale rights or PLR.These are articles that someone else has written and can be edited or changed as you please.These articles should be used only as a guideline when writing a new article and not used "as is".PLR articles should always be re-written to be 100% unique content.

I know many people use private label resale rights content and post it on their blogs "as is". Someone else has most likely already posted the exact same article which means your article will not be indexed by the search engines.

Private label resale rights articles can be used "as is" in an email newsletter or in an ebook.This kind of content is very cheap, there are websites selling thousands of articles for a few dollars while others are giving them away in exchange for your name and email address.

Here are a few benefits and disadvantages for using private label resale rights articles.


  • They are cheap or free.
  • Private label resale rights articles make a great "guideline or platform" to write your own article. The thoughts and information already exists, you just need to re-write it in your own words.
  • You can use them as you wish.Why not combine articles together and you have magically "written" your own ebook that you can give away as a bonus when people sign up for your newsletter.
  • You can outsource the re-writing of these articles and it is a lot cheaper than writing new content because the information already exists.


  • They must be 100% re-written if you are going to use them on your blog, and this is often time consuming.