Getting started online

What to do and not to do when starting out online

Getting your online business up and running, while actually starting to make some money from it is, to say the least, confusing.

This is the second part of, What Mum Didn’t Tell You About How Confusing It Can Be To Get Your Online Business Going! Part One and I will pick it up from where I left of.

Now, a couple of months down the line I feel like I have a much better understanding on what I should focus on and prioritize.

To get to this point, what I have done, more then anything is been selective. With all the different products, the billions of words of advice, online courses and guiding tools out there. For me, it has been about trying to find my way and make a choice, or a couple of choices actually and eliminate. Eliminate all the things I had saved and thought that I was gone use, or just read later, because it looked good at first, and because I felt like I didn’t want to miss something important.

Yeah right! Miss something important, what was I thinking? Forget it, there is no time.

Here is an overview of my plan, what I am doing, as well as some great advice I have picked up so far.

  • Treat your website as a business, because if you are planning to make money of it, that’s exactly what it is.
  • Keep writing articles, I am now writing a minimum of 3 per day, with very few exceptions. It’s the first thing I do in the morning, before anything else. I submit them to ezinearticles, infobarrel and I am about to start using Hubpages as well. My intention is to focus on products, mainly in the dating, health and other areas of well being, may it be mental health, building muscle or loosing weight as well as other related products. I will offer these products on my website and my newly started blog. If I feel that I for a day, or two, do not have anything to write about in regards to the products I promote I will just write about anything of interest, all to get my number of articles up and maximum exposure.
  • I will keep working with adsense and I am now slowly (well, actually very slowly) starting to see some results from the ads on my website, but mostly from the ads around my articles.
  • I will keep my first website and mainly use it as a rebate and clickbank affiliate site, offering rebate on selected clickbank products. I will market it by placing between 300 to 600 classified ads for it online every second month. I have just tried my first month with 300 ads and it seems to bring in some traffic. For my website I am also looking forward to see what my wife can do in regards to attracting traffic from one of the biggest social networks in the world, called QQ. We have a plan for this, but until we have tried it out I really can’t say much about it. Besides clickbank products and the rebate offers, I will also sell some amazon products as a member of their associates program. With any purchase of these products I will offer my eBook! for free.
  • As time permits, I will continue to learn and try to understand the concept of link building, and viral marketing, And little by little, as I learn how, I will try to link my articles, to my website to my blog, to my products, to my rebate offers and then back again. Or something like that.
  • I will try to connect with others through comments and guest blogs.
  • I will continue to follow the three blogs I have decided to use for guidance, inspiration and direction.
  • I will keep my mind steady on my goal, which by the way looks like this.
  • Short term – By the end of the year, a minimum of $200 per month, in more or less passive income from mainly my articles and adsense related to them and my two sites. All other income from affiliate sales or so, is a bonus. I will have a minimum of 500 articles published by the end of 2011

These are my goals and I am looking forward to reaching them.

Here are a couple of things that I will try to avoid, in order to succeed.

  • I will not spend money on another, make money online product, or program. I have read far to many stories about people spending loads of money trying different things out for years before they got anywhere. From the start I made up my mind that I would not fall into that same trap and I have so far bought, or signed up for three. Two that I have already canceled, and one, the rebate program, which I am still using and believe in.
  • I will, more or less delete everything in regards to offers, marketing and make money fast promotions that I receive by email for the next six month and keep my inbox clean. I will, however read the ezinearticles newsletter for learning purposes, as well as quickly scan through the clickbank newsletters to see if there is anything of interest. But I will only do this when I have some extra time left over.
  • I will not lose focus, or fall victim to something new that seems way to cool to not buy, or try out.