Private adoption agencies can be a quicker process to adoption, but can also cost more money. Private adoption agencies has its pros and cons. The good thing about private adoptions, is you get to pick and choose more specifically of the kind kid you want. A private agency isn't run by the state and government like public agencies are. They're still licensed by the state of Ohio though. Deciding on adopting a child, you must decide how you'll go about the adoption process.

If you're think of choosing private adoption agencies in Ohio, or any other place, word to the wise, do your research first. There's been reported scams and they're not government regulated like public adoption agencies are. There's some good private adoption agencies, not all of them are the nightmares that you hear of. The arrangement through private adoption is typically done by a lawyer or physician.

The first thing to do before deciding on certain private adoption agencies in Ohio, is to figure out if the private adoption agency is licensed. Although both private and public adoption agencies can be profit, or non-profit, by law they must be licensed by the state of Ohio. In order to figure out if they're licensed, check with the state of Ohio first.

It's recommended to get referrals and consult with trusted ones on a private adoption agency that's preferable. Contact relatives, friends, or those you trust for opinions. Also do background research on any private adoption agencies in Ohio. You can also join online adoption support groups for recommendations on which private adoption agency to choose from. Consult and research to make your own conclusion whether if, or what adoption agency works for you and your partner.

Ohio adoption laws

A step parent, unmarried minor parent of the person to be adopted, or married couples are eligible to adopt a child in the state of Ohio. It's legally to adopt any minor, or child who is mentally challenged or disabled. A foster child and stepchild are qualified for adoption by the foster parent and stepparent. In order to adopt a child, it must be done by an attorney, or licensed adoption agency in the state of Ohio. For more info on adoption laws in Ohio, then check out

Private Adoption Services, Inc.

Birth parents receive free consultation with an attorney to help them with the adoption process. This private adoption agency is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Adoption couples choose how the adoption is design. The agency offers, guidance to adoptive couples, medical histories of birth parents, and parenting classes adoption parents.

3411 Michigan Avenue
Cincinnatie, Ohio 45208

Susan Garner Eisenman

She's an attorney that specializes in private adoption, open adoption, birth parent services, special needs, assisted reproduction technology, interstate adoption, and international adoption. You can contact the Columbus Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service at the number 614-221-0754 for referrals. Or checkout out their website at for more info on this lawyer, or other adoption lawyers in Ohio.

3363 Tremont Rd.
Suite 304
Columbus, Ohio 43221

Adoption by Gentle Care

Founded in 1985 and operated by attorneys who specialize in private adoption. The agency is pretty well known throughout the United States. They have a 6 step process to adoption that needs filled out, with counsel to walk you through on the adoption process for you. The site gives you a lot of details on what you need and who is eligible for adoption. You can also sign up for a newsletter as well.

380 1/2 East Town Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215