It's a big decision to choose between private adoption or public adoption. Both adoptions have its pros and cons, when deciding to adopt a child. Adopting a child is a big decision, and can be great for both the adoptive child, and adoptive parents. It can be a long and thorough process when adopting a child. Private and public adoption agencies are both different. Both are licensed by the state, but regulated by different parties.

Private adoptions vs Public adoption: which is better? It largely depends on how much money you can afford, and the type a child you're potentially interested in adopting. It can sometimes be hard to determine which adoption method is better. Private adoption agencies work faster, but they're very expensive. Private adoption agencies fees can range as low $5,000, and as high as $40,000. Yeah, that's usually considered a low price when adopting a child privately. Medical expenses can usually be charged to the adoptive parents, when covering the pregnant mothers birth of the child. Public adoption agencies are more thorough, and govern by the state. Both public and private adoption agencies can be profit, or non-profit. Before you choose to adopt a child, or have a child adopted, you must be informed on the differences between private and public adoption agencies.

Private adoption agency

How a private adoption works is usually through an attorney, physician, or another private party. However, some adoption laws are different, and most usually require an attorney to legally represent an adoption. First thing when deciding to use a private adoption agency, is making sure its at least accredited, and licensed by the state. Private adoption is definitely more risky, and is not the safest method. Check with the state to see if any attorney, or private adoption facility is licensed first.

Pros: If you're wanting to adopt an infant, then you have a better chance doing so with a private agency. The waiting period for adoption isn't as long as a public adoption agency. The adoptive kid goes directly from the birth parents, to the adoptive parents. The process is usually supervised by a probate court. You get more of a choice in who you adopt, than you would with a public agency. A good private adoption agency can make for a great experience. Counseling can be offered, and support is usually offered.

Cons: A good private adoption agency can make for a great experience, but there's a lot of reported bad experiences as well. The safety of the entire adopting process isn't guaranteed like a public agency. Also, the costs are high and you have to pay for everything. That can include counseling, costs for the pregnancy medical bills of the birth mother. It can cost between $5,000 to $40,000 to adopt privately. The stability of the adoptive family isn't guaranteed, and isn't as thoroughly investigated like a public agency. Although this could vary, depending on the particular private adoption agency. High risk, high reward when adopting through a private adoption agency.

Public Adoption Agency

Public adoption agencies are govern by the state, and also licensed. There's public adoption agencies all across the country, that provide safety, security, and guarantee the best for the child, birth parents, and adoptive parents. The evaluation is more strict, thorough, and takes a longer time than the private adoption. Public adoption tries to meet more of the kids needs, rather than the adoptive parents.

Pros: Guaranteed safety for the child, best interests are involved for birth parents, and adoptive parents. Counseling, support groups, and classes are all free. Any additional programs like orientation parenting classes won't cost anything. Best of all it is usually free or costs a small fee to adopt a child through a public adoption agency. Each state might be different, but most states cover the costs of adoption. The agency does all the work for you, matches a child through your needs.

Cons: It can take a long time sometimes, even years to go through the adoption process. That can become stressful to deal with. You don't have much of a selection on the child you adopt. This has to be a child you'll love. This has to be in the best interest for you and the kid. Raising a kid changes your lifestyle, you'll have to hope the kid's personality fits in with the family. The child might be emotionally, mentally, and physically damaged. Most kids through the state, have been abandon, or have gone through personal trauma through the care of their birth parents. Some kids might have been abused, molested, or possibly been exposed to drug abuse. Infants are very rarely available for adoption.

Tips: Consult with those close to on choosing with method is best. Do research on any adoption agency, and checkup on the reputation of the agencies.