As everyone know there are many benefits to private jet hire. The tailored flights to suit your own schedule, the luxurious on flight services but perhaps the most beneficial to business users is saving of time for private jet users.


On the one hand the use of private jet hire means that you can flexibly arrive at your required destination as quickly as possible. Spontaneity is an important factor of business, therefore it is not always clear where or where employees will be in the foreseeable future. Unlike commercial flights, the cost of hiring a private jet at the last minute is not substantially more than advanced bookings. Furthermore at the last minute there is often no seats left for the desired times and dates. A private jet charter service can offer you a tailor made flight at the last minute to suit your specific business needs. Thus by hiring a private flight a business can charter a flight at the drop of a hat allowing staff to attend important meetings or mergers without time constraints.


Hiring a private jet also saves times before the flight. Unlike in commercial flights there is no need to arrive at the airport two hours before your flight. In addition to this there is no risk or having a flight cancelled or delayed thus reducing the risk of missing that important business meeting and as a result costing your business money and harming its reputation. Furthermore the flight will leave according to your schedule, meaning that the distance from point A to B can be carefully worked out, minimising time wasted waiting at the airport for your flight to depart.


The time benefits of private jet hire continue in the duration of the flight. Due to the much smaller nature of private air crafts compared to commercial aircraft’s they are able to fly at a faster speed. As a result your flight will be shorter thus quickening the time it takes to get to your required destination.


Apart from simply the time saving benefits to business that private jet hire offers there is also an improvement of the quality of the flight. A private jet avoids the often crowded and noisy nature of a commercial aircraft and provides a tranquil and professional environment for employees to work in. The time travelling by private jet can become productive for a business, meetings can be held on board, preparation of meetings or mergers can be completed. Due to the high level of technology on board ,mobile phones and PDA's can be used allowing flight time to be even more productive. If the subject matter of the business is deemed confidential then the flight crew will be sensitive to this and ensure all business matters are kept entirely confidential.

In addition to before and the duration of the flight private jet hire also saves time on your post flight experience. At the end of a commercial flight there is always a long wait for baggage. In addition to this baggage can be lost which for a business can be detrimental. On a private jet your baggage is hastily removed of the jet for you, where you are then quickly and efficiently reunited with it.

To conclude in business time is money. By hiring a private jet for your business you are saving time and therefore effectively money, thus making private jet hire a viable business investment.