Pro BMX bikes are very popular because they tend to last a lot longer than standard models thanks to their top-quality construction and durable design. Manufacturers like Haro, Diamondback, Hyper, Huffy, Intense and GT have at least one or two Pro BMX bikes for sale to choose from that are made with the best parts and components and extra-special attention to precision and detail when they are built. For this reason, these types of cycles are often quite a bit more expensive than standard models, but in the end you usually get your money's worth. Even some of the most skilled riders will attest that Pro BMX bikes are extremely durable and can easily last for several years if taken care of. In this article we will take a look at a few of the best cycles to consider from some major brand names and let you know where to buy them for cheap.

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The Best Pro BMX Bikes for Sale

Nowadays, there are a lot of really nice models to pick between and normally you can't go wrong when you buy this type anyway because they are all built for top performance and longevity. One of the best Pro BMX bikes for kids that are beginners between the ages of 8 and 12 is the Hyper Spinner 20-inch. They don't come with any spectacular features or parts, but that is because they are designed for those just starting out in the sport. The Hyper Spinner comes with basic alloy platform pedals and micro-drive front and rear sprockets for a super-smooth ride. You can buy the Hyper Spinner Pro BMX bikes for sale at Walmart and they are very affordable at just above $100.

For those a little more experienced, the Haro X4 may be a bit more suitable, as well as the next Pro BMX bikes listed in this section. The Haro X4 is a 2009 model that still sells in high numbers even to this day, and it's no wonder with Haro's reputation and the X4's amazing features like the durable chromoly fork, frame and 3-piece crankset, the sleek Alienation 36-spoke wheels and the top-quality Odyssey tires. These Pro BMX bikes for sale usually cost around $350 but since they are getting older, the prices are starting to drop. In addition to the clearance discounts, it is also becoming more and more difficult to find stores that sell them, unfortunately.

The Diamondback Reactor is next on the list and this model happens to be pretty expensive. That being said, it is also one of the best 20-inch Pro BMX bikes for sale because of its unique and innovative features that not too many other brands can compete with. For about $500 to $600, depending on where you shop, you'll get the Diamondback Reactor complete with a heat-treated aluminum frame, full chromoly fork, 1-1/8-inch threadless internal headset, FSA Assault aluminum 3-piece cranks with BB30 Technology, DB Sound alloy platform pedals with replaceable pins, FSA 44T alloy sprocket, Tektro 920 linear brakes, DB Reactor stem, DB Team grips with flange and plastic bar end caps, Kenda Small Block Eight tires and Alienation rims with cassette hubs. I could go on and on about these Diamondback Pro BMX bikes but I think you get the idea; they are easily a top choice if you're looking for a serious cycle.

These are some of the best models to consider, but with over a dozen brands to pick between, you shouldn't just settle with this limited selection. Take some time to research other popular Pro BMX bikes for sale like any of the ones listed below and you may like what you see:

  • SE Wildman
  • Hyper DR (Donny Robinson Signature Model)
  • SE Quadangle
  • GT Mach One
  • Huffy Thunder
  • KHE Barbados
  • Intense XL Pro BMX Bikes
  • XG3 Matt Hoffman Signature Model
  • Intense Factory
  • Felt Pyre
  • Intense Moto

Cheap Pro BMX Bikes

As you can tell already, you're going to expect to pay quite a bit of money if you want a quality model. Many of us don't have a lot to spend but want to have a cycle that we can be proud of and show off, not to mention give us plenty of years of service in the process. Finding Pro BMX bikes for cheap isn't always easy, but it can be achieved with some simple methods that you may also use when shopping for clothes or gas. You just need to take advantage of all the resources available and compare all the prices to see which one offers the best deal on cheap Pro BMX bikes. You can start with these recommendations and go from there. - At the risk of sounding overly promotional, Amazon is truly the best online resource if you are looking for cheap Pro BMX bikes. They have the largest selection to choose from and most of you are probably aware of the discounts and generally low prices this site has anyway. - JensonUSA is a website that has been around for some time now and has earned a very solid reputation as a great place to buy cycles and cycle parts, components and accessories for affordable prices. They don't have as many cheap Pro BMX bikes for sale as Amazon, but they do have more than many other sites. - Never count out eBay, especially when it comes to buying cheap Pro BMX bikes because this is easily one of the best places to look. Here you can buy new and used models from your all your favorite brands like Intense, Haro, GT, Mongoose and DK and it's never too difficult to save money when you shop on eBay.

Chances are you will probably find what you are looking for between these three sites, but you never know if another website may have a better discount on cheap Pro BMX bikes, so don't be afraid to shop around and make sure you're not missing out on some great savings. Pro BMX bikes can be a very worthwhile investment if you're willing to shell out the cash; finding them at discount prices just makes it all the better.