Pro Skateboards For Sale

Everybody that follows this extreme sport knows that all of the professionals are sponsored by many popular companies like Element, Alien Workshop, Anti-Hero, Flip, and Plan B. All of these sponsors have created decks in honour of those professionals, and have a wide selection of decks that are available for purchase. Although this is great, the industry has gotten so large that there are literally thousands of pro skateboards for sale! With such a wide selection it may be quite difficult to choose exactly which deck you may want. This article lists the top 5 brand names when it comes to pro skateboards for sale, as well as the top 5 models within each brand name. Take a look at these models when it comes time for the purchase of a new deck, and you will surely be satisfied with your purchase.

Element Pro Skateboards For Sale

Element marks the sponsor of one of the most well known professionals in the industry- Bam Margera. They offer a wide selection of decks that have designs with sort of a funky touch to them; this added touch is one of the things that has allowed their sales to go through the roof and top the industry. Take a look at these Element decks when you are considering some of the pro skateboards for sale, and you will surely have a smile on your face after your purchase.

Brown Mojave $60.99

Lasek Strength $60.99

Margera Belfry $69.99

Muska Street Art 1 $60.99

Vallely Vengeance $54.99

Alien Workshop Pro Skateboards For Sale

With a name like Alien Workshop many people might be sceptical about the designs that would be provided on their decks; however, their designs are regarded as the top in the industry! They have many professionals under their belt, and only seem to be getting bigger. If you are ever planning on purchasing one of the pro skateboards for sale, check out these Alien Workshop decks before you look at anything else.

Starburst SM $49.99

Salazar Anniversary $54.99

Rieder Anniversary $54.99

Nite Gull $54.99

M Taylor Anaglyph $59.99

Anti Hero Pro Skateboards For Sale

Anti Hero is definitely one of the most reputable brands when it comes to the professional skater industry. Their decks are well known for the durability, and strong plys of the wood that they use in their production. If there is ever a time in which you are considering the purchase of one of the pro skateboards for sale, be sure to consider these models of Anti Hero decks for your maximum satisfaction.

Allen Belly $59.99

Gerwer Sum Of Parts $59.99

Trukillo Gaga $59.99

Stranger Sum Of Parts $59.99

Stranger Belly Up $59.99

Allen Jerk $54.99

Flip Pro Skateboards For Sale

Flip has been around in the industry for many years, and has developed a nearly untouchable reputation through the years. With great professionals like Bob Burnquist under their belt, they get advertising at nearly every professional skater event within travelling distance of their skaters. If you are looking for one of the pro skateboards for sale from a reputable company that has been around for years, take a look at these Flip decks, and you will surely leave that skate shop with a grin from cheek to cheek.

Appleyard P2 $74.99

Boulala Smokin $54.99

Burnquist P2 $74.99

Rodrigo TX Diamond $54.99

Team Ride Free $59.99

Plan B Pro Skateboards For Sale

Plan B may put forth the appeal of being second choice with the implications of its name; however, it is definitely a first choice in the industry with its offering of its top notch decks. These decks are highly recommended by many because they are durable, lightweight, and simply aesthetically appealing. Consider the following pro skateboards for sale before you look into any other models, as they will leave you with absolute satisfaction from your purchase.

Duffy MVP $59.99

Ladd Authentic $59.99

Mckay Response P2 $64.99

Rodriguez Fury $54.99

Sheckler Centurion $54.99

When it comes to choosing pro skateboards for sale, you may be left in confusion due to the extremely large selection that is available; however, this article is designed to assist you in this confusion. This article features the top 5 brand names when it comes to pro skateboards for sale, as well as the top 5 models within each of those brand names. These decks are relatively cheap, and offer you an overall balanced quality that you will love when you are riding them.