Pro Tools 10 Music Production Software from Avid is the number one choice for music professionals. Avid’s flagship software Pro Tools has always been the industry standard by which all other titles of production software are judged. If you are a freelance musician, member of a recording band, a music producer, or an audio or sound engineer -- or any combination of these! -- then you need the power that Pro Tools gives its users for both audio production and music creation. If you never had the power of Pro Tools before this is the time to make the investment in your music, your sound, and your studio. If you have an earlier version or a competitor's software platform, then Avid has given users faster performance and higher resolution (32-bit floating-point format) -- very compelling reasons to upgrade or crossgrade to Pro Tools 10. Take your music to the next level with the professional's choice in music software: Pro Tools for Mac or PC.


Do you plan on tracking individual vocals, guitars, or perhaps a full symphony orchestra, big band, or worldPro Tools 10: Music Production Software for Professionals music ensemble? For writing music, recording, composing, mixing, mastering, and more -- Pro Tools 10 is the best audio production software available. It delivers the sound, flexibility, and tools of professional studios for a fraction of the price. You can get the power at home or in smaller studios to create the same high quality recordings used in films, tv, video, commercials, CDs, DVDs, and heard on the radio. It’s also the music production software taught at schools and colleges around the country - so it is definitely a big part of the skills, experience, and equipment you need to master to get one of the great jobs in the music industry. Pro Tools 10 is a powerful tool for any serious music producer.


The software has the ability to “capture and mix” up to 32-bit 192 khz, giving Pro Tools 10 a faster response and higher resolution than its predecessors. It includes 75 virtual instruments and effects plug-ins to give you great tools right out of the box. These virtual instruments can be easily triggered with a MIDI keyboard or controller, or simply by using your mouse. 

Pro Tools 10 also delivers “phase accurate mixes” (4x more) with Avid’s automatic delay compensation. New in this version is the ability to use multiple audio formats in a single session without duplicating the files. Included is Avid Channel Strip plug-in, giving users the renowned channel strip of Avid System 5 (formerly Euphonix), one of the most desired consoles which helped play a role in some of the greatest mixes ever produced. These are really world-class additions to this powerful software platform for musicians, engineers, and producers.


Pro Tools 10 works on a Mac or a PC, in what the company refers to as Avid-qualified versions. For Mac, Pro Tools 10 for Music Productionthe minimum requirement is Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard, or Mac OS Lion. For PC, users will need Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate, either 32 or 64bit. Both platforms have a minimum requirement of 2GB RAM, with 4GB minimum necessary for Pro Tools 10 HD. They both also require a minimum of 15GB free hard disk space for software installation, and a free USB port for iLok authorization. 


Avid has Pro Tools 10 and Pro Tools 10HD available for sale or upgrade. You will also find that Pro Tools comes in SE, HDX, and MP versions. The versions vary in price and specs, but expect that Pro Tools 10 starts at about $699 suggested retail, depending on new or upgrade, standard or HD. The upgrades and crossgrades run about $299-$499. In the Pro Tools 10 box you will get user documentation, DVDs for installation, and the iLok USB Smart Key (with software authorization).


Of course there are tons of great Pro Tools 10 tutorials, plug-ins, control surfaces, consoles, and so much more, to have your studio tools grow with your skills and your music. If you want your music to sound like the music your hear on the radio, television, commercials, or in movies then this Pro Tools 10 is your best choice music production software. Avid has great hardware as well to help with all of your music and video needs. Software tools like looping and punching for editing, powerful Elastic time and Pitch tools, Beat Detective, Time Code Ruler, and Smart Tool editing give you tremendous control over your music mixes. 

The Pro Tools format is also very compatible with third-party audio interfaces, virtual instruments from a Pro Tools 10: Music Production Software for Professionals(68152)variety of audio designers, and notation tools like Sibelius, using the built-in Sibelius Score Editor. To collaborate across great distances online, it’s never been easier to exchange sessions with any Pro Tools user or recording studio. You can also work in Pro Tools on projects created in other software platforms (audio and video): like Logic, Cubase, Media Composer, and others.  

With great tools, plug-ins, resolution, felixibility, speed, and accuracy Avid's Pro Tools 10 is definitely the music production software for professionals, and for those of us who want to sound like professionals.