This article looks at possibilities why a Whirlpool dryer is not heating.

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Sometimes a Whirlpool dryer will experience a problem where the air does not heat up. The dryer can work for hours, using up electricity, yet the clothes never dry. There are a number of things that can cause this problem. Let’s take a look at different parts of the dryer and where things can go wrong next.




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Perhaps your best option, if you are having this problem is to contact Whirlpool directly, especially if your dryer is still under warranty. You can go to the Whirlpool site to schedule a visit from a Whirlpool technician. If you prefer calling, the phone number is 1-866-698-2538 within the U.S. or 1-800-688-2002 in Canada.


Dryer Heating Element


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A dryer heats up because of the heating element. There needs to be continuity between the two terminals, which is tested with an ohmmeter. If there isn’t, the heating element will need to be replaced.


Another potential problem is that the element may become grounded out. If this happens, the safety thermostat may trip when the dryer overheats. A grounded heating element can even cause the dryer to heat when it is off. If this is the problem, you will need to replace the heater. You may also need to replace a thermal fuse or high limit thermostat.

Dryer Vent

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Every dryer has a vent where the heat generated when the machine is working is dissipated. If the vent is blocked, the machine will get very hot yet the clothes will not dry. Check the vent and make sure that it isn’t clogged or crimped.  A stopped up vent can cause a lot of problems and be sure to regularly clean the lint trap after every use.




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An obstructed vent can cause damage to the high limit thermostats. There are two high limit thermostats hooked into the heating element. An ohmmeter is used to check the continuity. Both of the high limit thermostats need to be replaced if even one of them is damaged.


There is an operating thermostat as well. It is rare to encounter a problem with this, but it could happen. If there is a problem, it can cause the dryer to overheat or not to heat up sufficiently.


Other Causes


A problem with the motor is another reason why the dryer may not be heating up. There is no easy or safe way to test out the motor. If this is causing the dryer not to heat, though you can try blowing the motor out an air compressor or vacuum or replace the motor.

Rarely, the timer can be responsible for the dryer not heating. It is the last option to check. How to check if the timer is the problem varies with each model.


These are just some of the possibilities of why a Whirlpool Dryer is not heating.