Is just within the last few years or so that teachers have gotten the chance to enhance the learning experience of students by having computers and laptops available in the classroom to use. While this gives the teachers another method of getting their lessons across to the children, for some students to learn better visually this also gives them a way to understand the material better. While these are just a few of the positives that come with having laptops in the classroom there is one issue that has arisen from this and that is when kids are trying to access and play unblocked games at school.

For the majority of kids in class the teacher has nothing to worry about as the kids are using their computers to look on the Internet for additional resources for term papers or they may be doing their homework online or even working on a PowerPoint presentation. For other children though instead of using the computers to help their learning experience, there are instead try to access online games. This may be okay if the school permits kids to play games during open periods such as recess or lunch. The issue becomes when children are playing computer games online during class instead of paying attention to the teacher is they are teaching. This becomes a distraction not only for the student playing the video games online but for their classmates and the teacher as well.

One of the problems of kids are able to play computer games online at school is that they may come across content which is more suitable for adults. This may be in the form of gore, blood or violence. Parents also may not let their children play games at home on their computer so kids may attempt to access unblocked games at school to get their video game fix.

If the school does allow kids to play flash games online teachers need to moderate that time closely to make sure those students are not missing out on social interactions with their classmates. Some kids may attempt to play games online at recess instead of going outside to the playground which cuts into their exercise time which is not good for their overall health.

School officials and administrators need to be aware that searching and legitimate gaming websites may contain harmful viruses or malware that could do damage to the school's computer system. Every attempt must be made to try to block damaging sites. This could be done by providing filters for some of the more popular online gaming websites or by using keyword filters to keep kids away from using popular gaming search terms.

If kids are not allowed to play unblock games at school that is the teacher's responsibility to make sure that the rules are laid out well in advance and they are clearly understood. There is always going to be one or two children in every class that are computer savvy enough to think they can find a way to get around any type of filters to block video games. If that does happen the teacher needs to make sure that the punishment is swift and appropriate than some other students are not inclined to attempt to access unblocked games on the Internet when at school.