There are number of various users that have experienced problems with their iTunes accounts when they have multiple devices used for a variety of purposes. Updates that were made for interactions with your computer and your iTunes accounts are believed to responsible for the issues that users are seeing. Consider a combination of all of your accounts with iTunes. Combine them into a single library and use them with a single Apple ID. These are several problems that you see with iTunes and ICloud. This article will give you answers for problems with ICloud when you have multiple iTunes accounts online.

ICloud Problems

Late in 2011 the Apple Company released IOS 5. Apple introduced ICloud as a portion of IOS 5. ICloud is a dynamic vehicle that Apple devices can communicate with each other and the computer. ICloud was to wirelessly sync purchased items to a user’s iTunes account.  The problem is a user can only tie one version of iTunes and user Apple ID with ICloud. Users cannot use ICloud with separate iTunes accounts. The inability to use separate iTunes accounts will mean some of your media with iTunes will be missing. This is a problem with ITunes using ICloud.

Lost Media with ICloud

Multiple iTunes accounts will make having your media synced difficult to say the least. For an example, an iTunes user will upload music they buy to their ‘iPod and their iPhone. To make this happen with the problems seen by iTunes, upload music to a new library. After moving the music to another account you transfer it to your IPod or iPhone. Your devices can be synced up after loading the music to another library, but not directly from iTunes. Users are experiencing this problem with iTunes using ICloud. For large amounts of media this is extremely time-consuming and burdensome.

Overwrite Your Media in Error

For users with separate accounts, such as one for work and one for home, you will see problems with syncing which could mix the two files. Apps and media can be overwritten with incorrect information depending upon your device sync settings. This will generally occur when an iTunes user syncs to a wrong account on accident. Imagine trying to restore the device to its original media information. The amount of time it would take to restore the overwritten material would be enormous for many users.

Authorize as well as DE authorize

Up to five computers can be used with the same Apple ID. When you use the ICloud, users must de-authorize at least one computer from the same Apple ID. After using your iTunes account you can authorize the one computer you de authorized. This is a confusing process for maintaining your iTunes accounts. You can put all of your media on all five computers in one file with iTunes into one single account instead of five computers with their own individual accounts to bypass this issue with ICloud. This is a problem with iTunes when using ICloud.

ICloud is a wonderful concept that everyone seems to love from the single person using their laptop or I Pad to corporate America. There are some kinks that Apple needs to work out with their ICloud and iTunes sync. These are several ways to work around the issues that you see occurring. However, a fix is inevitable for using iTunes and ICloud.