Fixing computer printers can be easier if you know something about them. Here is some information to help you find out if your computer printer problem is serious or not.

Read your error message.
Before you begin to panic and call the computer printer company. Read the error message you have received. It could be very complicated or could be very simple to fix. You will also want to hang onto the manual, because if the error message comes with a numerical error you will need to look up what it means. If you cannot find it in your manual, start searching for your problem online.

Make sure everything is plugged in.
Some printers are more complexed than others, that's why you need to look over your printer and make sure nothing has came loose. You also will want to check to see if anything is plugged into the wrong spot. Some printers require additional cables and plugs that may not have came with it. Especially if you have bought one used, be sure to look online and to see if you have all of the components for your printer.

Ink cartridges.
Sometimes one cartridge will run out before the other one. Depending on your printer you will want to make sure that all of them have ink. If you are missing a certain color it can change the look of everything you are printing out. Even if your computer says that your printer has plenty of ink there is always a chance for error. So to see if your printer ink cartridge is really out, start by opening up your printer. Be very careful to only touch the ink cartridges, then remove it. The ink cartridge should be somewhat heavy, if it is not it may be very low or completely out of ink.

Many companies offer some sort of customer support over their printers. If worst case scenario is that it is broke, you may have to send it back in for a new one or repairs. This is why it is important to get a good brand of printer. For example, hp, dell, apple, etc. Because if you end up getting an off brand printer and then begin to have problems the tech support may not be able to help you as easy as they would with a larger company. That does not mean buy the most expensive printer, just buy a reputable one.