I have recently been living in an RV and have had some problems. One of the biggest problems I have had is with the tanks that store the waste water. You have to empty these about once a week and you don’t want to forget. I have sensors that tell me how full they are so I can know when to empty them. I also have a washing machine that I decided to use one night when the tanks that the washing machine emptied into were almost full. Unlike the toilets the washing machine doesn’t have a cover that blocks its waste water. I didn’t know that and when I woke up there was water all over the floor and an unbearable stench. It took me all morning to clean it up, and I had to empty the tanks right after. I have taken measures to prevent this by only using large amounts of water right after I empty the tanks.

The Sensor Right Before I Empty

Another problem I had with the tanks is when one of the black water tanks got full. I had to store the RV for about a week during the summer and I hadn’t emptied one of the tanks for a while. When I came back to get it I went inside and it smelled terrible. I looked and smelled around for the source and found it at the back toilet. The lid was up and apparently some of the smell got through, and I also hadn’t put any cleaner packs in that tank recently. I had to air out the entire camper and spray air freshener everywhere. After that I made sure to get some extra strength cleaner packs and keep the lid closed at all times. I haven’t had any trouble with the front toilet yet so I am not sure if it was the toilet or just my negligence that caused the stink.

The Packs I use now
Credit: http://www.amazon.com/Motorhome-Treatment-Bathroom-Stopping-Biodegradable/dp/B005ISH71Y

The most recent problem I have had was with the fresh water tank. I am still not sure what the problem was with it but I think that there was an air bubble trapped in there or something because the water wouldn’t come out sometime but when I checked how much water I had left it said it was almost full. Ran the hose closest to the water tank and it didn’t run for about a minute but then it started working again. When I turned on the faucet in the bathroom it took a few seconds but it started working again. I ran all the water out of everything I can and then filled it back up again and it seemed to work but the sensor for the fresh water never seemed to work right again. I never check the fresh water sensor anymore and usually just rely on my intuition on when to refill.

Living in an RV has its problems but it is a great experience and has been a great way to see the world. I almost quit some of these times but I managed to pull through and it was worth it to be able to have a great time on the road. If any of you other infobarrelers have lived in an RV feel free to comment about some of you bad times and good times on the road. I look forward to reading them and sharing more advice.