Problems money creates in society

Slave to money

Slave to money, slave to problems
The state of the world we live in is beyond madness. I even question sometimes if there is any hope for us at all. But why is our world the way it is? Surely we would have learned something over the millennia, or even over the last couple of centuries? Where have we gone wrong and where are we going wrong?
I think one of the biggest influences on our society is money. Money is not necessarily a bad thing, but the baggage and possible baggage that comes with money can provoke bad situations. I sometimes see society as a toddler, still learning physically, and mentally our thinking is still quite primitive. We have been given a gun in the form of money. The majority of society does not understand money and its consequences. Being child like we see the instant gratification and we learn from what we see and touch, so we don't understand and grasp the unseen consequences because our thinking is still limited, because society's mentality is that of a naïve child. We like money because it gets us stuff, and we literally work our lives away to earn money so we can acquire material things and protect our family and the ones we love. 

Money has now made us paranoid. We have to bolt, lock and set-up security to protect ourselves from our neighbours. Money can make people do anything. There are some that even kill for it. If money did not exist, the world still would. Money has found a way to exploit absolutely everything, from industries, to entertainment, art, politics, marriage, partnerships, everything in the world is exploited by money. We even give up our own individual rights for the sake of money. It is your right to choose who you work or do business with, but so many give up this right to make money. Perhaps that is business, but if 7 billion people are doing it, problems will arise. Money has made us selfish, because we don't want to share wealth. We want to look after ourselves and families, because we live in unsettling times. But if we continue to just look after ourselves, we will never look out for one another and we as a society can never grow. The basis of work and business is competition and we gladly live our lives in competition, competing against one another for everything. 

Our current system demands that we need money to survive, but we also like to be happy. If we can do something we really love for a living, then we will be happy. Yes, maybe for some time, but eventually money will corrupt your love. Artists, writers, musicians, all want to earn a steady income. To do that, their artistic creation has to sell, or have enough appeal so people will exchange money for their piece of creativity. The problem is that we have made it about money and not creativity. A musician may have to surrender his/her individual expression in order to sell a product, their product. Their art. Is that not selling out? The system has made it close to impossible to win, so how does one win against the corruption of money and wealth? Einstein once said that a problem cannot be solved on the same level it was created. Money and wealth is a physical problem, and I believe to solve this problem it will have to be a solution of thinking and mentality. 

So maybe money is not the real problem, perhaps its our mentality toward material wealth. How can we change our thinking? It certainly is hard with media these days, always in our faces, telling us what we need and what we want. We are letting clever marketing schemes think and make decisions for us. Maybe we are nothing more than consumer zombies waiting to purchase a gadget to take our mind away from this prison lifestyle of working to death to earn money to live. It makes no sense to me, and to be honest, I don't want it to make sense. We have misplaced our values, but I fear we have become too accustom to this lifestyle and it is close to impossible to think differently; like a toddler being raised incorrectly, the longer they are not disciplined the harder it is to correct their behaviour. Is our global society one of a spoiled, undisciplined brat? Our values need to change, our mentality needs to mature and extend beyond the boundaries of this physical, material gratification. If not, I fear mankind will destroy itself. Change starts with you, with your thinking. Open eyes and common sense can change perception, and that change is invaluable.