A lot of people might think 10 minutes just might not be enough time. While it may seem like an insignificant amount of time, 10 minutes can prove its worth in time for something productive. Even though 10 minutes probably won't get you finished with any project, but it sure can help you get started.

To be honest, on some days, I believe 10 minutes is better than, say 40 minutes. Any procrastinator knows that their mind will take as long as the time allotted to finish something. If you are allowed 40 minutes to get something done, most likely it's going to take you at least that long to finish. On top of that, most likely you'll spend 30 minutes messing around on the internet and still end up spending that last 10 minutes probably trying to get something done.

10 minutes may not seem like a long time. However, not only can 10 minutes get you started with something, depending on what it is, you may be able to even finish - that is if you focus. 10 minutes really is not that long, so just spend that short period, with no distractions, and seriously focus. Now throughout the day, say you have 6 different tasks to tend to, allowing 10 minutes for each activity... that's an hour of concentrated and hard work. Now, if you were given an hour straight to do these activities, chances are, you achieved few of them with a shoddy effort. With more time allotted, the chances for procrastination also rise. Thus, small, concentrated chunks of productivity times are more effective than unfocused blocks of time.

Breaking down your day into 10 minute blocks can show to be very useful and efficient. After 10 minutes are up, take a quick break and continue on with the same or another task with no interruptions. Doing this allows me to help myself from getting side tracked, and keeps what’s important for me at hand.

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