Getting a new product out there and marketing has many steps, not the least of which is the product approval process. Here are a few pointers to get a person or company set on the right track to understanding what is involved with product approval process.


The term homologation is generally used to signify that that approval has been granted by an official authority. This can be vital to be able to carry on with a marketing plan and is often synonymous with product approval. This often means that they have met safety standards, and may be similar to certified.  This can often be used to describe many different aspects in regards to product approval, but also can have to do with what goes on behind the scenes of the food industry and how it is insured a consumer gets a safe to eat product in their hand when they purchase something. Having safety guides and regulations set up is just one step to making the public safe against hazardous situations in regards to how food is handled, prepared, and packaged to be sold.

Product Approval In The Food Industry

Depending on what kind of food is seeking product approval, the FDA may need to grant approval. Getting product approval which is similar to homologation isn't as difficult as it may initially seem. This will start with knowing where the food will be produced and getting the area certified.  If it's a residential kitchen it doesn't need FDA approval, but if it's a part of a resident that isn't the kitchen approval will be needed.  Most ingredients will not need pre-approval however product approval should be sought for certain additives. Next the intention of the food product will need to be confirmed, as some uses don't need FDA regulation. Same goes for the packaging, some do not need to be regulated, such as wax paper, plastic wrap, and tin foil. The final step will be to make sure it has proper labels. This will tell nutritional information, inform of possible allergy issues, give the ingredients and the address where it is made.

Do Some Searches

Whether purchasing a product from a company that a person is unfamiliar with or looking into going into business for themselves it is important to spend a little time gaining some background knowledge. This can be started with doing searches online. Make sure the sites that are looked into are accredited, such as governmental, or the FDA. Take some time to read through the fine print, and it will be surprising to see that the information isn't as hard to digest as a person may initially think when looking into product approval. Read through the information on the side panels of the page and often there are valuable links that can help with the ease of knowing something being purchased is safe, or the track that's being pursued in getting product approval is the right direction.

Finally, get that product approval and get to marketing, or more importantly make sure a there is homologation with a product before it is purchased.