The laptop computer has become the one thing that many people cannot live without. You see them everywhere, chatting, working or just watching a movie. The batteries in these laptops, especially after a lot of use, will slowly lose their ability to keep a full charge. An external laptop battery is an easier and more inexpensive solution than replacing the existing battery.

Lenmar and Tekkon, two leaders in external laptop battery manufacturing, offer comparable units to fill this need. This alleviates the need to search for an outlet when the battery gets low, especially if you are not in a place where electricity is readily available, like the car. These are plug in and keep going, no loss of work or not seeing the end of that movie.

Both Lenmar and Tekkon have batteries to fit almost any laptop computer. Each comes with a wide array of adapter tips to plug in to all electronic devices. Both have a secondary USB port built in to charge another device at the same time you are operating the laptop.

You can always just buy another laptop battery that fits yours, just make sure it's charged and carry it with you. For what these cost, you can buy another computer to take with you. The major drawback to a secondary battery is that you have to shut down to change them out, with the external laptop batteries, simply plug in and keep working.

While there are subtle differences between these two products, the one main difference is that the Tekkon battery is said to have a longer run time than the Lenmar. The Lenmar however has a shorter recharge time of 2.5 hours where the Tekkon is rated at 4 hours. With a difference of only a half an hour in run time, they are very similar in all other respects.

Whichever one you choose, make sure that it will adapt to your particular laptop before purchasing. The chance is very good they both will, but double check anyway. Selling for around $140.00, this a great option to replacing the manufacturers battery and have a multiple purpose.