Product Lifecycle Management - When You Are The Product

I know there is much to be said for product lifecycle management within the advertising / business world.  As one of the many matrix associated with a given product or product lines success the phrase struck me differently today.  


What if we viewed this lifecycle management in terms of the individual as the product?  What if we began to understand the longevity of said product in terms of input and output?  Yes, there have been plenty of ideas on how to increase product awareness and studies about how long the life span of a given product may be.  We seem to find every fancy way possible to create new ways of looking at selling something.  Yet, we tend to forget that ultimately we cannot sell, produce or utilize any of these products if we are living a life style that put us in an early grave.  


It's all about balance and moderation.  The product here is you.  What are you doing with your lifecycle management?  Perhaps it is time to take into consideration that regardless of what  career you have chosen you need to take better care of yourself in order to better determine YOUR product lifecycle management.  


It is no secret that we can only abuse ourselves for so long before we begin to break down.  We know also that company after company has done this same analysis and many have chosen to employ cheaper quality parts knowing perfectly well that the products effective lifecycle will be diminished greatly.  To the company this method is considered acceptable as it is with great hopes that a new product will be purchased to replace the broken.  


This same mentality has shifted to a great many of people when tending to their own well-being.  Many work too many hours, eat horribly, don't exercise and then upon their physical break-down, they ask Doc. for a pill to fix the problem.  As the problem is fixable, much unlike many of our cheaply designed products, i would contend that the fix is not in the form of a pill.  Rather, a more in depth look into ourselves and the life which we live.  


Do you wish to break down, fall apart or otherwise diminish your product lifecycle?  I would hope not as the reality for many is to not look at this until it is too late.  Heart attacks, high blood pressure, illnesses of all kinds are so prevalent today.  My purpose in this short rant is to hopefully catch one person who finds that this resonates with them and give them pause.  


The title was chosen as I know so many people who are in business for themselves or employed by others that have to take this phrase into consideration almost daily.  "Product Lifecycle Management" is a needed consideration in a companies workflow.  However, it should also be considered on a personal level as sometimes the lifeless product being considered should never overshadow the life of the people producing it.  


Take better care of yourself so you can tend to your business more effectively and efficiently.  Set priorities and strive to have a complete life.  A life of love, learning, hard work and giving does not have to be hellish.  It can all be accomplished if we stay focused and are determined to give the proper time to all areas of our life that we know to be important.  


So, re-evaluate, if needed, and begin to live a more full life.  It can be done and you can do it.

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