The Opticon OPI-2002 Barcode scanner is one of the best available. This hard wired USB scanner can handle pass after pass without failing. The plug and play feature means it is compatible with almost any computer terminal.

There are many 2d barcode scanners on the market today. Opticon, a leader in scanner manufacturing, brings the 2002 and other models to you at a reasonable price. For stationary use at your terminal, this scanner will fit all your needs.

Constructed of durable ABS plastic, this scanner is ergonomically designed for hours of comfortable use. The handle cuts down on Carpal Tunnel and the light weight means less arm fatigue. This is especially useful when scanning large amounts of product, such as a new shipment of inventory.

The extra wide scanner lens allows for quick passes that need not be fully on the barcode itself. This makes single scanning easy. No more double and triple scanning to get it to register. It has a non slip rubber grip and can be operated both hand held or mounted in a stand. This makes it ideal for checkout counters and store registers. Plug and play means that this can be moved if necessary and be right back to work in moments.

Along with 2d barcodes, the OPI -2002 can scan 1d codes as well. At three billion pixels per pass, this barcode scanner can read just about any length of barcode you may come across. The 4.3 inch focal point means not having to get right up on the barcode to read it.

This barcode scanner reads over 23 different types of 1d barcodes and ten different 2d ones. It will show whether the scan was successful by one of two different means: either a small LED light with shine or an audio signal using a built in buzzer.