Breville Stainless Steel Kettle

My home underwent major renovations after the 2007 summer flooding in the UK With all of the changes around my home I decided to replace many items, which were looking a little tired. I decided a new kettle was probably in order, as I had a brand new kitchen. My old kettle was still working but having done overtime brewing up for workmen galore and Hubby and I, as we tried to stay warm during our life in the dreaded caravan, the old kettle was looking a little the worse for wear.

For at least 20 years, we have only ever used an electric Jug kettle, of one make or another. This time I fancied buying a kettle that was shaped more like a traditional kettle. The one I was looking for would need to make a change, fit nicely in our new kitchen and not be expensive.

With little money, left in the kitty price was going to be an issue. However, I am never one for spending over the odds on an item such as a kettle, just so that it is all singing and dancing. Having recently completed a fair few online surveys I had some Argos vouchers stashed away. I browsed Argos online, picked out my new kettle and reserved it, to be picked up in a day or two.

I decided on a Breville kettle, as it is a make that I know well and has been around for many years. This is not always a wise assumption though. Over the years, many companies change and often if they are taken over only the name is retained. Still hey ho, deed done it was too late to change my mind.

Breville KT5 Chrome Kettle

I bought a Breville traditional stainless steel electric kettle.

It retailed at around £25, which to my mind was ample for something, which was to be used simply to boil water. It is no good paying more for one that will last forever as, with ever changing styles, it would probably still need updating in time.

I have been using this kettle for quite a while now and so here are my pros and cons.


  • This kettle boils quickly and fairly quietly.
  • There is a filter just inside the spout and this is easy to pull out and clean. However, with time the filter mesh has worn away. This could be as I live in a hard water area. However, I do filter all water before use. I imagine that this filter could be replaced.
  • At the back of the kettle is a water level which some may find useful. I always seem to know just how much I need in the kettle. I guess that is because it is only usually enough water for one or two persons.
  • It is a nice shiny stainless steel and the outer does clean very easily. There have only been a few lime scale deposits present on the surface but they have cleaned away easily.


  • As usual, the Kettle lead is not long enough. I know this is a safety issue but I would prefer a longer lead. This fact limits where you can place your kettle in your kitchen.
  • The kettle is filled via the opening in the top and not the spout. Although I find it easier than hubby does, it is still all too easy to miss and make a mess. As I have already said we have terrible water and so, only use filtered water from a jug. Perhaps filling from the tap would be easier.

Here is the manufacturer's specification:-

  • 3kW.
  • Concealed element.
  • Rapid boil.
  • 1.7 litre capacity.
  • Dry boil protection.
  • Safety cut out.
  • Removable, washable lime scale filter.
  • Rear water gauge.
  • Automatic switch off.
  • 360 degree base.
  • Non slip feet.
  • Cord storage.
  • Easy pour and easy fill spout. Now, despite stating that, the packaging, which held my kettle, recommended that you did not fill via the spout.


If you fancy a traditional looking electric kettle, which has all the modern features, then look no further. On the whole, I am very pleased with this product and would definitely recommend it.

Remember though, a kettle shaped like this will take up a little more room on your work surface than a jug kettle.