Does Mr. Steamy Dryer Ball live Up To It's Claims?

According to both the commercial and the packaging of the "Mister Steamy Revolutionary Dryer Ball," all you have to do is "just fill it with water and toss it in the dryer." From there, the "Revolutionary Steam Technology" takes the process from there. According to the advertisement, the Dryer Ball is supposed to use the power of steam to:

  • Release wrinkles and creases with ease
  • Soften clothes and reduce static for fluffier fabrics
  • Cut drying time and runs your dryer more efficiently

The company claims you will no longer need to iron, use fabric softeners or dryer sheets and you will save money in the long run.

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Here is the actual claim:

"As your dryer heats up, Mister Steamy Dryer Balls go to work by releasing steam through the patent pending nodules. As it passes over your clothes the steam gently releases wrinkles and creases, while at the same time softening your clothes. There's nothing else like it!"

My Review:  When I first saw the the commercial, I was excited to try Mister Steamy because I have very sensitive skin and cannot use dryer sheets.  For my skin, not even the hypoallergenic dryer sheets are good for me to use. My child has the same sensitive skin. I originally just threw a damp towel in with dry clothing to remove wrinkles and creases and that works quite efficiently. I wanted to try Mister Steamy to save time by eliminating an extra step. However,  after trying the Dryer Ball for the first time, I was extremely disappointed. Here's why:

  • My clothes were not any softer
  • My clothes came out just as wrinkled as before
  • My dryer didn't run any more efficiently
  • The ball made such a loud noise in my dryer that it scared my child...and myself. It sounded like someone was striking a hammer against my washing machine
  • I feared the ball would destroy my machine because of all the noise it was making

I tried the ball three more times and re-read the directions just to make sure I was doing it correctly and eliminate user error-which according to them it is nearly impossible to screw up the directions. My efforts yielded the same disappointing results.

Quite frankly, I get better results by just throwing a damp towel in with dry clothes to remove wrinkles and creases. It's  A WHOLE LOT quieter, more effective and FREE. Honestly, I have nothing positive to say about this product. It didn't live up to any of its promises and it cost too much money. The color is also not very attractive and neither is the design.