When working from home and making a living from the Internet you are going to need some software that will help you along the way. Doing everything by hand that I do to make money online would kill me and take 15 times longer then it does with the different software I use.

How do most people online make money? They have a blog, they make websites, affiliate programs, article writing, AdSense, ebooks and much much more. What is one thing that all of these ways of making money need? Traffic!

Getting traffic to your website can be extremely time confusing and cost you loads of money. Some seo project I have seen cost over $2,000 just to get ranked in page 1 of their keyword. This is ridiculously overpriced and most people don't have this kind of money to spend to get traffic to their website.

So after doing some research I found a software called Senuke Link Building. After reading into this product I was immediately convinced that it was what I needed. The product comes free for the first 7 days and then is $120 a month. This may seem like a lot of money but when you think of how much money you will save by getting ranked yourself you will jump on this product. Not only that but you can use this product to get others websites ranked in keywords and make money from this software!

What this software does is basically build links in many different ways for your keyword and links it back to your website. Google likes links and will rank you higher in your keyword for the more links you build. Using this software I build hundreds of links within minutes. The software creates accounts on many different article and profile websites and lets you fill out the about me section and put in links. It completely automates the process so you save loads of time!

Using this software I promote websites in which I sell affiliate products and I am slowly making money and more money as my search engine rankings go up. It takes about 2 weeks to a month to get ranked in a hard keyword but it is much worth the effort. Making money online is not impossible and using this software I have been able to make that dream come true and so can you!