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It's a Great Product

I am an avid juicer and have enjoyed using the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth most every day for over a year.  Buying this type of centrifugal juicer is easy on the wallet and generally simple to operate.  I tend to be tough on household items, particularly juicers and the HB model seems to put up with me quite well.  I haven’t had to replace any parts and have never have to worry about electric motor burnout.  This product is a cheap juicing winner.

Operating the Juicer

Once you clean your fruits and vegetables, you’re ready to juice.  The centrifugal type juice
extractor throws off waste into a container in the back.  It’s easier to clean up if you place a Ripe Red ApplesCredit: Wikipedia commons - Dinkumsupermarket plastic bag in the waste container so all the waste is caught and the basket doesn’t need to be cleaned.

The fruits and vegetables are pushed through a chute at the top.  The Hamilton Beach product is quite forgiving in terms of how hard you push on your veggies.  You get more juice yield the less you push, but sometimes you do need to be a bit more forceful and the HB doesn’t protest.  I burned out the motor of a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer by pushing too hard and the Big Mouth is more forgiving.  The motor is very durable and will take quite a bit of punishment. 


The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth is not quiet to operate.  The grinding can be noisy, although the motor operation is not as noisy as the Jack LaLanne product I previously used.  If others inFresh SpinachCredit: Wikipedia commons - Dinkum your household are asleep when you juice, you should close the kitchen door if you can.  The juicer might wake them up.  My kids never woke up from juicer operation, but they seemed to sleep through most anything.  The masticating juicers are quieter than the extractors; however, this type of juicer is quite a bit more expensive than an extractor such as the Big Mouth.

Clean Up

The Big Mouth does offer cheap juicing, but the clean up afterward can be a chore.  You have to take the juicer apart and clean each piece.  Luckily, the HB product is dishwasher friendly Big Mouth front viewCredit: BoomerBilland you can run it through the dishwasher without concern.  Nevertheless, the fruit and vegetable waste still needs to be rinsed off the juicer and this can take a few minutes.

The Hamilton Beach comes with its own scrub brush, which is primarily needed to clean debris from the basket strainer.  The strainer is always the most time consuming piece to clean for an extractor.  I have found that using my own small wire brush is more effective and the strainer remains undamaged.  Accordingly, you may not want to use the brush provided with the juicer.


The Hamilton Beach can be purchased for less than $50, which makes it a tremendous bargain.  Buying a Big Mouth is a great way to break into juicing without a large cash outlay.

I recommend the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer as a great starter juicer.  I’m not even a new juicer and I’m quite satisfied with the product.

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It's a Winner!

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