Product Review: Timberland Men's 6" Work Boots

Company: Timberland via Amazon

Price Range: $107 - $220

The Timberland Men's Work Boots are very popular boots for workers; however the Timberland boot company also has a huge following of people who wear their boots for style. With Timberland you can expect to get boots that are both stylish and very functional.

The purpose of the Timberland Boots for Work is that this boot is designed for style. Yes this boot can and is used for work; however more people seem to wear this boot for style and fashion. If you need a good work boot then you may appreciate that the Timberland Company is synonymous with quality work boots and you will remain stylish while at work.

These Timberland Men's Work Boots are very comfortable and will keep your feet dry. Although any boots can make your feet wet, the Timberland Men's Work Boots are designed to help keep your feet dry while still allowing your feet to “breathe”.

These insulated men’s work boots are great for cold weather working conditions. If you need to keep your feet dry and warm then you will find a lot of comfort with these padded and insulated men’s work boots from Timberland.

The Timberland Men's Work Boots are extremely popular among people in cold urban areas such as Chicago, Illinois. Not only are the Timberland Men's Work Boots considered very stylish, but they are also very functional. You may only be a subway commuter and work inside at a desk job but if you live in Chicago or other cold areas you know how important it is too keep your feet dry and warm.

Unlike a lot of cheap work boots, these Timberland boots are designed to be very flexible in the forefoot of the sole. You can easily walk around in these boots as soon as you get them out of the box and not have any trouble with the forefoot flex.

The rubber outsole on this Timberland Men's Work Boot is designed to provide for traction on numerous different surfaces. These boots work great whether you find yourself working on hard concrete or outside in wet and muddy conditions.

These boots made by Timberland tend to run a tiny bit larger than other boots. I advise that you buy a ½ size lower than you regular boot size. If you normally wear a size 12 boot then go ahead and try a size 11 ½ and you will probably find that they fit you perfectly.

Timberland Boot Guarantee:

Timberland has a great return and replacement policy. If your Timberland boots are found to have a manufacturers defect then Timberland will repair or replace your boots and not charge you, not even return shipping costs that you normally would incur. You do not even have to pay for shipping.

Value for money?

The Timberland Men's Work Boots is a great value for the money. Although the Timberland Men's Work Boots may seem expensive compared to other boots such as cheap ones from Wal-Mart, there is truly no comparison. The Timberland Men's Work Boots is much more comfortable. The true value of the Timberland Men's Work Boots is that you can wear these Timberland Boots all week at work and then on the weekend continue to wear these boots. You may find that you wear these boots much more often than other boots you have worn before.

These Timberland Men's Work Boots can be found at a lot of different stores. For the best variety of sizes and styles and the best pricing you can order Timberland Boots from Amazon.

Timberland Men's 10061 6" Premium Boot,Wheat,15 M
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(price as of Jul 30, 2013)