Transformer Eyeliner Review, the One Makeup Item Miracle

The Back Story on Discovering Transformers

A few years back, I worked in a capacity necessitating observing in some high school classrooms.  One day, as part of a creative social studies lesson on explorers, the astute teacher posed an interesting question to her students.  If the student were to go on a voyage where onEyeliner(69053)ly five items could accompany the traveler, what would be the best items to take?  The answers were hysterical.  Of course, food, water, and a precious few items to make a shelter topped the lists.  Then, the true nature of high school students, especially the girls, kicked in full force.  Those girls were determined to take along key makeup items.  Yes, oh to be young and a teenager again!  At any rate, observing the activity got me thinking, but not about the make-believe adventure.  My mind wandered to the make-up quandary.  Past the essentials such as moisturizer and sunscreen, what would I take if allowed to take only one makeup item on a trip? At the time, I didn’t have a definitive item.  I do now!

Enter Transformers Product

As I listened to a Sirius radio program driving along one day, a well known makeup artist to the stars, Paula Dorff, talked about what is special about a few items in her cosmetics line.  Since that day, I have one makeup item I use every day, even when just lounging or ‘bumming’ around the house.  Somehow I feel made-up and ready to face the world.  What in the world is that item?

The ‘miracle product’ has been around for a while according to Paula.  The product is eyeliner that can be used on the upper lash waterline under the upper eye lashes.  In particular, the guest host was speaking about a product from her line which transforms powder eye shadow into eyeliner. Aptly named, the product is called Transformers.  Her suggestion was to use that eyeliner on the waterline under the upper lashes even if no other makeup was being worn.  Her claim was that doing so would make the eyes ‘pop’ even on a day where a wholesome, natural look is desired. .  The makeup artist listed a long string of Hollywood actresses and actors with whom she worked as their makeup artist.  I ascertained she must know of what she speaks.  So, I tried it.

My First Attempts without Transformers

I did not have her exact product at the time, so I just used a black eyeliner pencil that I had to try the upper eyeliner thought. A notation is that the pencil must one with soft lead or gel type substance.  Make-up counters can advise on which pencils are appropriate for use on the waterline, which is the portion of the upper eyelid directly under the eyelashes.  I found the advice of the artist dead-on.   I use the ‘look ‘for days when I am going to the gym, just going shopping, etc.  I did later buy the Transformers product, about which I cannot say enough great things about it. It glides on easily and truly the eyes stand out giving a natural but

A Bit More About Transformers, Ingredients

The ingredients listed are Water, Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate 80, Methylparaben, Imidazolidinyl Urea, and Cellulose Gum.  I am sure other lines carry a similar product. 

Directions for Using Transformers

Place a few drops of the liquid product into the lid of the eye color container.  Dip an eyeliner brush into the liquid solution and then into the eye shadow color.  Press brush on the upper inside root of the lash line.  Line the upper lash line close to the lashes.

Transformers Results

The results are incredible to just put it mildly.  Black shadow made into the liner gives a bit more dramatic look.  Choose a lighter shadow for a more casual style. There is no need for purchasing anything but a good eyeliner brush and the liquid as favorite eye shadows already in the makeup drawer take on a whole new use.