My purchase

I know this will sound sad but, on Christmas Day afternoon 2008, I went on-line and bought a television. I had not really planned to do this, but Hubby and I had been thinking about up grading our old television for quite a while.

Actually, Hubby was keener than I was. However, as we had been through a very expensive 2008, I wanted to wait until all the Christmas shopping was out the way before considering such a purchase. Finances checked it seemed that such a purchase might be possible after all.

Christmas morning, as I was waiting for the Turkey to cook, I thought I would quickly check my emails. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending how you view it, I had a special sale offer email from Having bought from them in the past, I receive the occasional email detailing sale items.

This sale, however, was for just three hours on Christmas day, between 3pm and 6pm. It offered an extra 10%, on what were already sale prices. Whether or not these claims were true, who knows? So, hubby and I decided to see if there were any bargains to be had, especially in the television department.

We bought a 42 inch, HD ready, Panasonic Plasma Television. The code of our model is TH42PX80B.

Our new 42 inch Panasonic HD ready Plasma TV.

The sale price of this television was £499.99, English currency, which meant that the 10% discount reduced this price to £450.00. There was a special deal on a half price toughened, black and silver, glass stand that came in at £49.99 and I received a 10% discount on this also. The delivery was free and, as I purchased through a cash back site, I saved another £14.85. Therefore, overall, price wise, it came in at a very competitive £480.13, including the stand.

The goods were delivered on Monday 29th December, which was very prompt. For the price of two coffees, and a couple of chocolate biscuit's, the deliverymen kindly opened the TV and set it on to its small stand. Hubby and I assembled the glass stand a little later and, despite a couple of problems, and more than a few expletives, we soon had the television up and running.

This television has a built in digital tuner, which enables you to pick up all of the UK Freeview channels. There are 25 Freeview channels currently, subject to the coverage in your area. These include BBC Three, BBC Four, BBC News 24, Dave, QVC, Sky News, Sky Sports News, ITV2, CBeebies and a whole host of digital radio channels. New channels are being added all the time.

Our old television set was not HD ready, although we did have a separate Freeview box. This would have sufficed as far as a digital signal goes. However, our new Panasonic is fully HD ready and the picture is a million times better than that of our old TV.

The analogue signal is due to be turned off in the UK. This will happen in 2011 to 2012 in the area where we live. If you are not sure of the timing where you live, check it out on line. There are many helpful sites, which should be able to answer your queries.

This television's casing is a matt black, which does seem to attract dust, but I guess that is the plasma TV also. A special cleaning cloth is provided, as you do need to be careful when cleaning Plasma TVs. There was also of course an instruction booklet, which thankfully was not too complicated.

A little technical information.

  • The television screen size is 42 inches, measuring diagonally across the screen.
  • The picture quality of our TH42PX80B is 1024 pixels, which gives great definition.
  • It has a flat screen, which reflects less and does not curve at the edges.
  • There are different viewing options, such as wide screen.
  • It has Nicam sound quality.
  • The picture contrast ratio is 15000.
  • There are two Scart sockets for connection to other items, such as a DVD player. 
  • This television can be wall mounted. However you use it though, be careful as it very heavy. It will not be safe on just any old surface. Remember that if this equipment were to topple over it could kill a child or animal and cause an adult serious harm.
  • The remote control is chunky and very easy to use. It offers a viewing guide and information service.
  • The power consumption, when the television is on, is 255 KWh/24hr.
  • There is a headphone socket.
  • There is an Automatic channel search when setting the TV up for the first time.
  • The set up process is very easy and quick 
  • You can enter your address, postcode and other details on the television, when you are running the initial set up. This is simple to don via the remote control, and may help if the television is stolen.

You can change the viewing mode to:-

  • Dynamic which is very bright.
  • Normal.
  • Cinema
  • Eco, which is paler and uses less energy. This is useful as Plasma televisions can use a lot of power. This setting is sometimes too pale though.

There is much more but I am no techno wizard.


We are very pleased with our purchase. The price turned out to be very competitive. The picture quality is fabulous and so is the sound. Hubby had received Iron Man on DVD, for Christmas 2008, and this film really benefited from being watched on such a TV. The depth of the picture is realistic and the stereo perfect. This is without any addition, such as a home cinema system.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether this product has longevity, but I certainly hope it has. I remember our first black and white television, bought when I was a child, which had a minute screen, with a huge, brown outer casing. Now that television had longevity lasting for years but haven't televisions come a long way since then.

The schedulers just need to start providing high-class entertainment for our modern technology.