Versatile or Magic



Good Range of colours

Easy to wear


Incredibly soft material.


A little pricey for a scarf, but you may get a bargain in the January Sales.

Full Review

The JML Magic scarf was a popular gift for Christmas 2009. This extra long scarf is rather deceiving. Well it is magic after all.


JML manufacture numerous products Worldwide. Many of their products are quirky, a little different, useful and more, but all are usually reasonably priced.

The JML Magic Scarf.

The first thing that is noticeable about this scarf, is that it is incredibly soft. It has a fluffy, luxurious feel that is hard to define. It does not feel like wool or a microfibre material but more like a very soft, silky yarn. The scarf does not shed fluff or bits at all. My JML Magic Scarf is a beautiful cream colour which is perfect for Winter and Christmas wearing. This scarf is available in black, taupe or cream either plain or with a stripe of pink, purple or blue.

Next, you will notice that this scarf is very long and slender. However, when you take a closer look you will see that the scarf resembles a long tube. Put your hands inside the two layers, of your scarf, and watch with amazement as this scarf stretches in width.

How to wear this Magic Scarf.

The idea of the JML Magic Scarf is that you can wear it in many different ways. The scarf has an instruction leaflet which also carries details of JML's website, where you can watch displays of how to wear this scarf.

The Magic Scarf can be worn:-

Simply as a long scarf.

Over your shoulders, as a circular shawl.

Over your head and neck, as a snood.

Over your shoulders and arms, as a Shrug.

In all JML give eight different ways to wear this scarf.


I have yet to wash my sacrf, which may be the deciding factor of whether or not this scarf is good value. However, the washing instructions are basic and so it should wash easily. The label advices that you use a gentle washing powder or liquid. You must not wring the scarf out or iron it. If washing in a washing machine use a gentle setting or program. The material is 100% nylon.

The JML Magis Scarf is available from many retailers and the price has been drastically reduced in the post Christmas Sales. Now could be a good time to plan ahead to next year's Christmas presents, a treat for yourself or a purchase as a Valentine's gift, for the one you love.

In Closing

The JML Magic scarf offers stylish warmth which is not suffocating. The material is light which makes this scarf so easy to wear.