The production of oil mist collectors was a brilliant idea and a great help not only to the environment but also to the health safety of the workers. This tremendous development in technology shows a great promise due to its work and benefits taken from it. With the fast growing development of technology, many businesses are being put up and many machine works are needed. With these events from occurring, our environment suffers and so those that belong to the workforce. Due to many issues that have been arising from this kind of problems, some companies have produced this kind of solution. But how does this kind of technological development works? First of all, understanding what an oil mist is will help us know why such invention is important.

What is oil mist and how does it helps?

In the machinery industry, machines are constantly used for long periods of hours every working days of the week and sometimes are cleaned once a week. Oil mist is a lubrication system that efficiently atomizes oil into small particles and then delivers the correct amount to the bearings and metal surfaces resulting to lesser damage and repair of the machinery. This prevents the machine from getting rusty and thus needing repair or even results from being destroyed.

As the machine is being used over and over plus the presence of dust, the principle of wear and tear happens. Cleaning it won’t suffice because some part of the machine are not reached due to its thickness. That is why the oil mist is useful as it is a very small particle that can enter through narrow spaces. Aside from its size, the oil mist deposits a wear resistant dry film on the bearings and surfaces of the machine resulting for the machine to safely operate for longer period of hours.

But due to its small particles, it is being mixed with the particles in the air causing the workers to inhale some of it. Toxins from the oil mist could be life threatening for those people who have inhaled so many toxins. Not only are the workers affected but also people who are living from nearby houses. Because of this issues that are starting to occur, inventors though of a way to solve this kind of problems.

The development of oil mist collectors resulted from this kind of problems. These are specially designed to collect oil mist particles to prevent it from polluting the air. It quickly absorbs the waste particle and purifies it. These are attached to the machines to prevent the mist from circulating in the environment.

Many companies have produced their own versions of oil mist collectors and thus every manufacturer has their specific trade mark. Regardless of the company who made the oil mist collector, every machine used by a company requires a specific type of oil mist collector. Some manufacturers make sure of that.

What are the features to look at when choosing an oil mist collector?

Simple, just look at the parts especially its filter. With the economic recession happening today, everyone should start being practical and smart choices should be made. So look at the filters that can be cleaned, in this way you save lots of money and time because you would not have to buy a replacement filter every now and then. Look also for an oil mist collector wherein you could reuse the oil collected. In this way, energy is minimized while helping save the environment.  

But some might say that I keep talking about oil mist collector without saying how efficient it could be. Some websites would say that is 99% efficient, others tend to write 95% but regardless of who says the truth still the fact remains that it is within the range of 90% which is highly favourable. Taking regard of the number is just okay especially if it is for the improvement of the production.

Another favourable thing is the benefits not only the company can get but also the people as well. It is said that respiratory problems such as asthma, skin problems and even cancer could be prevented. Well, if a company that thinks of the welfare of its workers then working would be much easier and having the feeling of being treated as a family. Good results will show not only in the workers but in the machines as well. It is a win-win situation. If such company could do that then the owner would not have to face such problems that could even result from the company to closing down.


As a summary, the production of oil mist collector is a breakthrough for the workers and company’s benefit. It prevents the oil mist from evaporating into the atmosphere which in turn secures the workers health into safety. Many type of oil mist collectors were manufactured for the sole purpose of meeting the company’s need. If every machinery company just makes use of this thing then there would be no need for it to be facing problems about closure.

With the booming industry of machines, one could say that the frequent usage of machines could result destruction and thus buying of new ones but some companies are now using oil mist in order to prevent that from happening. With the help of oil mist, relatively high pay out and fast return of income is possible. However, with every good side there will always be a bad side because oil mist could be somewhat dangerous to the health of the workers and even to the people of the surrounding community near the company. And with the rules and guidelines of the occupational and safety administration governing a running company, there would be a possibility of closure if it’s not met. So inventors thought of a way how to deal with it by the production of oil mist collector, in that way all wins in the process