blog notesProfessional blogging has become one of the "new big things" for work from home writers, such as myself. It has become one of the mainstream means for creating passive income once you figure out how to make that happen. There is still a lot that I am implementing but the journey is starting to pay off.

Though blogs are still fairly new they have become a hot source for information on nearly any and every topic you could imagine. They are now where a lot of people go when they are really looking to learn or find out about something but don't want to be confronted with a companies sales pitch which makes them an ideal way to earn.

The label professional bloggers leads many to think that it entails being hired by some big company and that just is not the case. You can become a professional blogger without some company behind you - the means and ability are within you and the tricks to making it work are all here in cyberspace waiting to assist.

What are Professional Bloggers?

Success (31629)The answer to that is; there are a couple of different descriptions that make up a "professional blogger". You have those who are hired on by companies to keep their blogs updated and fresh with new content for a flat fee. Then you have those who have turned blogging into their job. They are the ones who have blogs dedicated to niches, search engine optimized for search engine traffic and have them monetized using often several different tactics.

When that blogger becomes successful in their strategies that is where you get the network of what I like to call pro-bloggers. These are the ones that started out with a blog or two and succeeded. They learned all the tricks to what works and are the one's whose tips and advice are going to help you succeed in turn when it comes to professional blogging. These are the ones who I was searching for.

As of today I can say that I am definitely working my way into the later category. Thankfully after months of searching around for the blogging "guru's" I stumbled across several forums and discussion boards dedicated to work from home hopefuls and a couple of names kept coming up one of those being Amy Bass.

It didn't take long before I was Googling the name and was directed to a membership site called The Niche Blogger. Being newer to blogging and a bit gun-shy I was hesitant to join a membership site but I kept running across more and more praise about this woman and this site.

About a month ago I finally took the plunge and signed up. What has impressed me the most, and has me kicking myself for not joining earlier is the vast amount of information that is provided. The Niche Blogger has step by step guides, video tutorials, screen shots, forums and more dedicated to teaching a newbie blogger how to succeed with professional blogging.

The information is given in a manner that shows she's been where we are and it is written in a way that we can understand clearly. Her story truly is a success story she worked her way up and now earns a full time passive online income and she gives you all that information in clear step by step detail so you can to. This is exactly what I needed - there is a lot to know when it comes to professional blogging but once you know what works it is not something you are going to forget.

Now I'm not claiming an overnight success but in this short time I've already seen extremely positive changes and a lot of the information I learned I am able to incorporate in other things I do online outside of managing a blog all thanks to the Niche Blogger . This looks to be something that will give me what I've been searching for online for years which is a means to eliminate the need of a 9 to 5 and I get paid to write which is something that I love. It will take some time but I am on my way and though there is still "work" involved that work isn't back breaking. I am not scrubbing floors or toilets or answering to a moody boss all i have to do is I have to add content to my blogs that pay every so often and in turn I get paid..

Having gotten this far and knowing what I went through on my journey to get here I know that finding a source that can seriously help you get the title and success that comes with a professional blogger is priceless. I am just thankful that I didn't pass up this opportunity and am able to pass it on to others who may be struggling and overwhelmed with questions and misinformation. .