Lancaster is one of the fast growing cities located in California that has a recorded population of 143, 818 in 2007 alone. In line with the city's large population is the large number of people getting hurt due to various instances, which is evident in the number of personal injury cases filed in courts all over the area.

Due to the frequent occurrence of accidents that can cause injuries and to suffer physically, emotionally, and financially, a personal injury law was implemented. This was enacted so that these incidents will be closely monitored and governed. In California, this law was patterned in the torts law.

Torts law is the failure or the harmful act that is performed by an individual, which is given remedy by law. This law was based or founded on the principle that people who were hurt should be provided with a proper and just compensation.

Help of Taking Notes Subsequent to an Injury or Accident

Taking down notes after an injury or accident can greatly help people who suffered from personal injury case. The first thing that these people should do is to write down everything that they can remember about the injury or accident. Some of the important things to write down are the following:

  • Your losses- you will need a good documentation if you want to receive compensation for your economic losses. Among others. You should make notes regarding the injury or the accident including job opportunities, job meetings, and work hours.
  • The injuries that you sustained in the accident- It is vital that you make your daily notes regarding the daily pains and discomfort or the pains that you are suffering due to the injuries.
  • The actual accident- The things that you should include here are details regarding what you were doing that time, where you going, and who are accompanying you, among others.

Personal Injury Cases

The different instances wherein people may get hurt were categorized into the different areas under personal injury. Some of the areas under personal injury include:

  • Wrongful death - The issue of wrongful death arises if a person dies due to another's negligence.
  • Drowning - There are two types of drowning, the wet and dry drowning. In wet drowning, a person dies consequently due to lack of oxygen, which is caused by being underwater. Meanwhile, dry drowning happens when a person's lungs is not able to extract oxygen from the air.
  • Slip and fall accidents - This is the term used for the incidents involving people who slipped or fell because of the hazardous of dangerous property condition.