There are many different options for men and women out there who want to make their teeth a little bit whiter. You see these types of products advertised all the time. The most popular ones are on the lower end of the cost scale. I'm talking about things like whitening toothpaste and the Crest Whitestrips. These items due provide some whitening benefit but there are a few downfalls to them as well. First off, one has to use these things for quite a while before any serious improvement is noticed. This is particularly true with the peroxide or baking soda toothpastes.

If you're serious about having bright white teeth, you really do need to consider a professional teeth whitening procedure of some kind. Now, there are essentially two different types available. The one thing these two options have in common is the fact that they both come from a dentist. One of them is applied at home and one of them applied right in the office. If you're serious about teeth bleaching and whitening, I suggest you do a lot of research before making a decision. In this article, we're really going to provide nothing more than a brief overview of each type. I encourage you to check out a few different sites and read some tooth whitening reviews. The more you read, the more informed you'll be.

Anyway, the most common type of professional whiteners are the ones that occur right in the dentist's chair. Brand names like Britesmile and Zoom! are pretty popular versions of this procedure. Both of these methods make use of two key components - peroxide gel and a patented lamp. The peroxide gel, in this case, is highly concentrated. The teeth are coated in this material before the lamp is used to oxidize it in to the teeth. The end result in nothing short of spectacular. All in all, you'll be spending about an hour in the chair and paying about $600. Due to the fact that a lamp is used, this process is sometimes called a laser tooth whitening procedure.

If lasers aren't really your thing, you may want to consider a take home professional teeth whitening product. These are available from most dentists and don't include the use of any lamps. They kind of look like mouth guards but are usually referred to as trays. These trays are filled with a peroxide gel and inserted into the mouth. The gel used in these particular products isn't quite as strong as the stuff used in office procedures. This is simply due to the fact non-dentists aren't to be trusted with a high concentration peroxide gel. These products are still very effective though - especially when compared to OTC products. The trays are quite a bit cheaper than the office procedure as well - costing about $200.

So as you can see, the best professional teeth whitening solution is really dependent what you're looking for.

To your success and healthy set of white teeth!