There are mostly two types of kitchen knives: chef knives (large in length and width) and Professional chef knives (just as the first one, but much better and pretty expensive). When the first category is brought up, we are talking about affordable, but good knives for people take treat cooking as a hobby and are not willing to spend a fortune on kitchen tools.

 Professional chef knives, on the other hand, although are shaped exactly like regular chef knifes, but are manufactured and assembled so that they would have some extra important features. Not only should Professional chef knives be sharp, but they are not to transmit taste or smells and retain their sharpness a long period of time. This is the kind of knife you should get if cooking is much more than a hobby and money is not a problem.

Professional Chef Knives nicely arranged

Big Chef Knives Brands

When it comes to professional chef knives, there are two types of manufacturers: the ones with tradition in cutlery tools (such as Wusthof or JA Henckels) and the more recent innovative manufacturers (such as Chroma or Global and others). It’s difficult to say which type of manufacturer produces the best chef knives, because the choice is made according to needs and tastes. Let’s go more into details!

Wusthof is a company that produces knives for seven generations, so experience is definitely on their side. The blades are usually made of carbon steel (which is quite a tough alloy). The handles are usually made from polymer. Good reputation German professional chef knifes, as these one are don’t come cheap and their price is rarely under 100 US dollars.

JA Henckels is a manufacturer with 275 years of tradition in knifes. Made of quality forged steel, the JA Henckels professional chef knives retain their sharpness a long time and this is just one of the reasons for which is they are sold in more than one hundred countries around the globe. Regarding the price, the JA Henckels chef knives are retailed with more than 100 US dollars.

The Chroma Professional chef knives are spectacular because they are entirely made of steel. The handle is made of stainless steel, while the blade is made of Japanese steel (but they are grounded in such a manner that one could not tell that). Full of shine and precision, the Chroma Professional chef knives can be bought for 120- 170 US dollars per piece, depending on the model.

The Global Professional chef knives are an example of Japanese innovative technology in the area. Made of stainless steel, featuring a design that was given thought to, the Global Professional chef knives are able to deliver high tech precision for not less than 150 US dollars and can get up to 250 US dollars or more.