Is There an Opportunity In Pig Farming?

This article will look at various factors involved in raising pigs for profit.  Selling their meat can be a profitable enterprise under the right conditions.  Learning how to care for them properly is essential in maximizing profits.  Quality meat will sell for premium prices everywhere.


You first need to consider the housing they'll be occupying.  It will need to have plenty of room, and good ventilation. The pig pens should be constructed with hog wire with fence posts driven deeply into the ground for stability.  A source of hay (for nesting) should be secured. Pigs love hay so be sure to supply them with plenty and change it regularly.  Durable feeding and watering troughs are also required.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that pigs like to root and roam around, so careful planning should be undertaken to fence off areas you don't want your pigs wandering into.  They can and will cause a lot of destruction if allowed to roam everywhere on your property.  Have a regular schedule for letting them out of their pens, and this will help to keep them happy and healthy.  You know the expression "sweat like a pig"?  Well, having no sweat glands, pigs can't sweat.  So you'll need to provide them with a mud hole area to do their wallowing, allowing them to cool off if they want.  A large area for their wanderings will also allow them the necessary exercise for them to produce leaner meat.


You'll want to scout for healthy pigs, and finding those sources will be essential in determining your success.  You can search on the web for suppliers of live stock.  Also the sellers of pig feed and equipment should be able to refer you to reliable sellers of healthy and disease free animals.  Pigs should always be vaccinated before they join your stock also--it's standard procedure and good business sense.


Plenty of fresh water should be available for the pigs, they can drink 1/5 of their bodyweight at one sitting.  Pigfeed from the local supply store should provided. Their diet can also be supplemented with table scraps and wilted vegetables.  It is important to keep in mind that in spite of their gluttonous reputations, they should never be overfed since an overweight and sick pig will never yield premium meat to sell.

Depending on the breed of pig, you may find some that can handle more aggressive feeding than others, to bring them quicker to their ideal weight for slaughtering.  Advice should be sought regarding this aspect of caring for your pigs.

Pigs are quite intelligent, perhaps even more so than dogs.  And just like most animals, pigs will have their own personalities, and their health can often be discerned when observing their behavior.

In conclusion, raising pigs for profit can be a rewarding part or full time occupation. It's essential for you to carefully plan out how to raise your pigs by supplying them with proper housing, nutrition and exercise. If you raise higher quality meat, you'll be able to command premium prices from local butcher shops. And you'll know why it's so pricey once you and your family enjoy your first top quality pork dinner!