IFit treadmills are exercise programs that are designed to help meet your workout goals and bring something different to your typical treadmill workout. It's apart of the new technology where you can run in any place in the US, without leaving your home. IFit treadmill features can include a CD, video and different internet programs that you can download to use for a workout. IFit gives you the options of having a trainer provide you with different workouts. You'll need to buy proform iFit treadmills or any other specific iFit compatible treadmills for the workout discs to work. Proform iFit treadmills aren't very expensive and are some of the most quality iFit treadmill products out on the market.

Proform iFit treadmills are some of the more highly recommended workout products to buy. You'll be sure to find the right iFit treadmills that can provide you with the right kind of workouts that you need to get into shape. That's one of the advantages of buying an iFit treadmill. Having a personal trainer with variety of different workout programs is a great way to help meet your goals of getting into better shape. These trainers are professionals and each program is design for specific workouts and goals you're trying to meet. There's a variety of different workouts that you can download online, along with different features and options are included with iFit treadmills.

How iFit treadmills work

When you purchase proform iFit treadmills, or other product brands that features a iFit, you'll need a iFit workout card for the iFit features to work. You can also use these cards to download workouts from the internet. You'll need a iFit treadmill in order to use the iFit disc cards for workouts. For example, you can use the iFit workout card, attach it to your card reader on your compatible iFit on your treadmill, then you'll have a personal trainer's voice activate and it will automatically start your treadmill at its designed speed, incline, and the length of the workout program. When the workout is over it will stop. You are still able to change speeds, incline position, or stop the workout if it's too much to handle.

You also have the options of downloading a particular setting on where you want to run. Powered by google maps, you can insert your card into a computer, then go on iFit's website to download new workouts or scenery workouts of your choice. If you want to run around your block for example, but don't want to leave your house, the iFit treadmills allow you to do so. Using a laptop or iPhone, you can run along on your treadmill while google maps allow you to see where you're running as if you're really there. Technology has come a long way where treadmills can be more intense, entertaining, and can help meet your fitness goals at the same time. You need the internet, or an iPhone to use the google maps running feature. Other iFit workouts aren't required using wireless internet, just a iFit workout card.

Where to buy proform iFit treadmills online for a good price

Proform 980 CS treadmill - When you're looking for powerful running treadmills, the proform 980 CS treadmill is built for maximum speeds up to 12 mph. It features a built in fan, adjustable belt cushioning, and is ipod compatible. It's a strong built treadmill that can support up to 350 pounds. It's a very spacious running treadmill with dimensions of 20" x 60" of running surface. A iFit workout card is included that features 24 iFit workout programs that include weight loss, performance workouts, and training workouts. The iFit includes a journal and calendar to keep track of the process you've made and is a way to keep track of your workout goals. Features a powerful 3.0 HP motor and inclines up to 12%. You can download iFit workouts from ifit.com, and upload them onto your compact discs on your treadmill for specific workouts of your choice. The best places to shop for these proform iFit treadmills online are at amazon, abt.com, proform, GNC, and dunham's sports. Prices will keep you around the $1,000 range.

Proform 1000 LT treadmill - The 1000 LT is one of the more expensive proform iFit treadmills out on the market. It's a quality treadmill that comes with a iFit workout card. Features a 2.5 HP motor, with max speeds that go up to 12 mph. Features a running belt of 20" x 55" that provides plenty of running room. The treadmill inclines up to 12%. So why is this proform ifit treadmill so expensive? Well the real perk includes the 7 inch flat screen TV on the console of the treadmill. You can watch your favorite TV show while running. The iFit comes with 14 workouts that include: heart workouts, personal training workouts, along with the option to create your own workouts. You can also download workouts from the internet, on ifit.com. You can buy the proform 1000 LT treadmill online at proform's website for a reasonable price.

Proform 785 CS treadmill - The proform 785 CS is one of the cheaper proform iFit treadmills on the market. It's not as high of a quality iFit treadmill as the 980 CS or 1000 LT, but still a serviceable treadmill. It includes a workout fan, 2.25 HP motor, and inclines up to 12%. The 785 CS has a quick speed control, that can go up to 10 mph max. It features a spacious running belt of 20" x 55". The treadmill comes with a iFit workout card that comes with 15 workouts that include: aerobics, weight loss, and performance workouts. It features a workout intesity meter along with a grip heart rate monitor. You can purchase the proform 1000 LT treadmill online at treadmillShoppe.com, ExerciseBikeShoppe.com, and EllipticalTrainerShoppe.com for prices under $1,000.