Pet owners are familiar with flea sprays and topical treatments, but oral flea control is a relative newcomer onto the dog flea treatment scene. Find out more about Program monthly dog flea tablets.

We're all familiar with sprays, powders and drops to deter fleas, but far fewer of us are yet using oral flea medicine. If you're looking for a safe, mild and reliable form of dog flea treatment, why not consider Program flea tablets?

Program uses just one active ingredient. Rather than being a flea killer it is an insect development inhibitor. This means it targets the growth regulators of insects specifically, being completely benign for larger animals. The product stops juvenile fleas (eggs and larvae) developing into biting fleas.

As most of the fleas in your home and yard are actually juveniles not adults, this means Program tackles the source of any flea infestation, rather than the result (biting fleas). This makes Program an effective, long-term method of flea control. In around a month the flea population in your pet's surroundings will be destroyed by the Program flea medicine.

However, Program flea tablets will not affect adult fleas already on your pet, so will need to be destroyed by another means.

The recommended way to offer complete flea control is to give your dog a daily Capstar flea tablet followed by the monthly Program flea tablet. Capstar will kill the adult fleas immediately and Program will spend the next 30 days wiping out the remaining flea population. Alternatively you could keep a fast acting topical treatment or spray such as Frontline; to hand to deal with occasional outbreaks of adult fleas brought home by your dog.

Program flea tablets should be used every 30 days to ensure your home and yard remains free of flea eggs and larvae. Dogs that rarely venture into areas with large flea populations are likely to need additional flea control rarely. But, if you regularly visit the dog-park or live in countryside where fleas thrive, you will definitely need an emergency dog flea treatment to sort out those adult fleas too.

The reason oral flea tablets are growing more popular is largely down to their impeccable safety record. The ingredients are extremely mild, making them suitable for puppies from xxxx as well as being perfectly safe to use on breeding and nursing bitches.

The other advantage of using oral dog flea treatments is that you avoid the pesticide residue associated with topical flea medicine. This is particularly good if there are young children in the house, as it can be difficult ensuring they do not pet your dog after using topical flea drops. Plus, there are occasional cases of dogs with skin allergies associated with the carrier ingredients in flea drops. Though not serious, if you know your dog is irritated by using flea drops you would of course want to find an effective alternative method of dog flea treatment.