Introducing Program Flea Prevention

Program flea treatment is the ultimate in flea prevention for both dogs and cats. Program does not tackle adult fleas, who are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the flea population in your home and on your pet. Instead, Program renders female fleas sterile. With each one capable of laying over 2000 eggs in its short lifetime, this impacts immediately on the development of the flea population.

In a few months your pet and home will be flea free as eggs are layed, but never hatch into juvenile fleas. Program also acts on larval fleas in the home, preventing them from maturing into adult biting fleas able to reproduce. This means there is no build up of resistant fleas either. The future is a flea-free one with Program flea treatment.

What is Program Flea Treatment?

Program is a monthly method of flea control. It comes in either tablet form (Program Flavor Tabs) for dogs and cats, and as a liquid (Program Oral Suspension) for cats. There is only one active ingredient; lufenuron, which is an insect development inhibitor. Because it acts specifically on the growth regulators of insects, it has been proven extremely safe for use on our pets.

Using Program Flea Prevention

Whether you choose the liquid Program, or flavor tabs this flea treatment should be given orally with food. The product must be used every 30 days to provide continual control of the local flea population.

All pets in the home should be treated with Program to maximise flea control. Kittens may be treated with the product from four weeks of age and puppies from six weeks.

During peak flea season or if beginning use with Program for pets with a pre-existing flea problem it may be necessary to use this flea treatment in conjunction with another that kills adult fleas. The manufacturers suggest using Capstar flea tablets as these destroy all adult fleas within hours, but it is safe to use any flea treatment in conjunction with Program.

Program flavor tabs should be given alongside a meal. For dogs and cats apt to refuse tablets, these can be crushed into a little food. Just keep an eye on them to ensure they eat the whole lot. Liquid Program (oral suspension) is mixed with a few tablespoons of your cat's favorite food, to ensure they take their flea medicine easily.

Are Program Flea Treatments Effective?

Program flea treatment is extremely effective at destroying the local flea population from the egg upwards. But, if you want to eradicate adult fleas quickly you will need an additional form of flea treatment at hand. Likewise if your pet continually encounters new adult fleas from outside your home and garden, they will be brought home and need to be dealt with. Results are not instant with this form of flea prevention, but if used year round on all cats and dogs in the home, it is completely effective at doing what it promises; preventing fleas.

Customers who use Program flea treatment year round and understand it is to be used as an insect development inhibitor and not an adulticide, are extremely satisfied with its effectiveness. They key is to ensure you have another way to deal with any new adult fleas if other pets bring them into your home.