Progressive Overload Training for Marathons

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          Many eager marathon runners set out to train for their next big race in the hopes of improving times, winning, or to simply complete the trek. However, countless of these runners train in ways that aren’t efficient or are detrimental to success.

            In order to maximize the time you have before your next marathon you must train effectively. By training with this end goal in mind your endurance will sky rocket as will your level of fitness. Proper planning in the training phase before the marathon will help one avoid any mishaps such as missing precious seconds and the anxiety and panic associated with it.

            Although running the same distance each day has its merits, better methods are available. Studies have shown that progressive overload training can save the body from injury while increasing the threshold of stress one can put on the body. This allows your body to adapt in the recovery phase quicker.

            Progressive overload training is defined as the gradual increase of stress on the body during training. More specifically, in the world of running, it is the running of a series of short and long runs. Each week your highest distance would increase by a mile, until you reach your target distance you will be running during the race.

            If you wanted to implement this method of training today you would follow a schedule similar to this:

Sunday- Off

Monday- 2 miles

Tuesday- 4 miles

Wednesday- 2 miles

Thursday-4 miles

Friday- Off

Saturday- 6 miles

This allows one’s body to acclimate itself to the training and increase endurance, all without any increase in the chance of injury that normal training would bring about. The following week you would increase the max to 7 miles and so on and so forth. With this style of training comes more motivation. Many runners become burnt out or fatigued after just a few weeks of running their max distances daily. This method allows you to train easier and smarter, which keeps your mind and body coming back for more.

Happy training!