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ProjectLibre is the free, open source project tracking application which has evolved from the earlier OpenProj tool. ProjectLibre is a dynamic application which has the support of a dedicated team of developers. First released in August, 2012, the application has already seen a few updates. In contrast, development of the earlier tool had been suspended for years. As of early 2013, there have been over 200,000 downloads of ProjectLibre by people located in about 192 countries around the world. Many of the people have installed ProjectLibre only to then wonder how they can use it. Luckily, there are a number of documentation sources available that can be used to get started with the product.

This web site is the source for up to date ProjectLibre news. There is also an active user community with various established groups. In addition to a global group, regional groups for North America, Europe, and many more areas, are in use. People can post questions or information to the group of their choice. Most questions receive responses in a fairly short time frame. The originators of the product frequent the web site so many issues are automatically raised to the attention of the development team. The web site does contain a documentation file that can be accessed by registered users.

Installing Open Source ProjectLibre Project Tracking Application
This article is available on Infobarrel. It describes the basic installation process for the Windows platform. ProjectLibre is also available for MacOS and Linux. Installation for those platforms is similar but not covered in this article.

Free For a Limited Time

May 22 & 23, 2013

How to Build a Project Plan With ProjectLibre (ProjectLibre User Reference Book 4)
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(price as of Sep 20, 2015)
This book is an illustrated example of the building of a project plan for a realistic purpose. It shows each step required when ProjectLibre is used. Developed as a hands-on tool, this book can be followed along by the reader as they execute the steps on their own computer.
ProjectLibre User Guide Reference Manual
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This is the definitive guide to ProjectLibre. Available for only $9.99, it covers all features available from the tool. It relates various project management topics to specific screens and commands in ProjectLibre. It is comprised of screen shots taken from the application in use that have been annotated and extended with textual descriptions.

Migrating Project Management Tracking from OpenProj to ProjectLibre
This article describes the transition process that all OpenProj users should perform in order to move their system to the newer tool. It describes the compatibility between the two tools and provides helpful tips for those planning a migration. Luckily, the two products are quite similar so transition is quite simple. Users must become familiar with the new product which may entail the review of some of the available reference manuals.

ProjectLibre Project Tracking Application - Review
This article is a review of features available within ProjectLibre. It provides an overview along with some uses of the tool. It relates various project management activities such as planning, status reports and critical path analysis, to the ProjectLibre tool.

How to Build Project Plans With Free Open Source ProjectLibre After Using OpenProj
This is another transition article that will be helpful for those who have used OpenProj and who want to move to the modern platform. It provides an introduction to the new tool and a step by step overview of the planning process using ProjectLibre.

ProjectLibre Takes Over From OpenProj - New Free Open Source Project Tracking Application
This article is written as an annoucement of the new tool. It provides an overview to open source project management and identifies reasons why users will want to install ProjectLibre instead of OpenProj.

A Simple Project Plan For ProjectLibre (ProjectLibre User Reference Book 2)
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This is a $0.99 publication that serves as a quick introduction to ProjectLibre. Using an illustrated step by step approach, the development of a project plan, which can be used as a basic template, is created.

ProjectLibre Tutorial

ProjectLibre is a great application for project tracking but the basics should be understood as well. Managing a project involves communicating, defining work tasks, assigning work to team members, and more. Those involved in such activities should gain a basic understanding of project management terms and how they are performed in business settings. These are some titles which may be helpful for background knowledge.

What is a Project Plan and How to Make OneThis is an introductory text that explains the basics of project management. Planning is essential to most any project. This article explains some approaches that can be used to document activities into a project plan.

Project Management Using Cloud Computing Resources
This article provides background information about the cloud, specifically how various components can benefit project work. Migrating applications to the cloud, using the cloud for backup purposes and more, are covered.

Project Plan Use of Rapid Prototype Development
Many information system projects require prototypes to be developed. These proof of concept exercises serve to show interested parties how the eventual system might look. They are a great planning aid because they can highlight possible problems well in advance. At the planning stage, it is significantly cheaper to fix errors. This article shows how the project planning phase can easily use a rapid prototype development method. This may even help as the project team switches to rapid application development.

A Project Plan for Project Management Professional Certification Renewal
The Project Management Institute's certification is recognized as a standard in industry today. Those who have achieved this certification must qualify for, and pass, a rigorous exam that covers the entire range of project management activities. Once certified, a person is able to renew at the end of a three year period provided they have earned credits in defined categories. This publication describes the certification and shows a plan that people may follow to ensure that they obtain enough renewal credits by the end of the three year cycle.

How To Plan a Wedding With ProjectLibreThis publication shows how ProjectLibre can be used for practically any purpose. While it may be used extensively for information system development projects, it can also be used for standard activities. A wedding often requires many of the monitoring and controling activities of a large project. This book shows how ProjectLibre can improve the planning aspects of a wedding.

ProjectLibre is an open source project tracking application. This tool is well suited to most any project management task. With the number of documentation sources available, anyone can begin to learn how to use ProjectLibre to improve their project performance.

ProjectLibre - The Open Source Project Management Application (ProjectLibre User Reference Book 1)
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(price as of Sep 20, 2015)
This book is primer for those who would like an more thorough review of ProjectLibre. The steps that may be used to enter and track tasks, and to assign worker resources, are shown. Text is augmented with visuals taken from actual computer sessions.