PDU Credits Available For Each Published Project Management Article

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Project Management Professionals, (PMP®), may receive Professional Development renewal credits for each article published in a project management journal. These credits are claimed in the "Giving back to the profession" division. There can be up to 45 credits available to the project management professional by writing articles. During each three year credential renewal cycle, 60 professional development credits must be earned.

At 1 PDU per hour writing an article, a project manager would be able to earn 45 of the required 60 renewal credits quite easily, it will just take 45 hours. The Project Management Institute specifies that the articles must be published in a journal. While there are not many journals that are open to general article submissions, they do exist. Online blog postings are now eligible for renewal credits. Those project managers who have blog postings may find that their quality posts will work well as the basis of a full article.

While there are no regulations for the length of an article, most authors find that articles of about 500 words long are fairly easy to write at publish ready quality levels. By tracking the time required to write an article or publish a blog entry, the certified professional can submit their effort to the PMI for credit towards renewal.

Other methods that earn renewal credits that are available to the professional include eduction and seminars. These are excellent ways to gain credits but often carry a substantial cost. When you consider that some of these events require travel and loss of productivity, the real cost of credits in the categories can be very expensive.

The governing body considers the dissemination of knowledge to be a very important obligation of all workers. By writing a qualifying article, the professional is able to improve the level of knowledge in the field and gain credential renewal credits at the same time. As explained here, the authoring process can be completed quite easily with impressive results when measured by the cost of attaining "2B" category renewal credits.

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Project Management Article Structure

Writing is easier than you might think

Perhaps you are interested in writing a project management article for renewal credits towards your professional credential. How do you start the writing process? It is always best to pick a topic that you understand and which is very familiar to you. The topic must also pertain to any aspect of the project management field. Perhaps you have a particular topic idea pertaining to ethics. This is an excellent topic as the enforcement of a higher ethical standard is one of the key strengths of the credential.

Other topics would include tips on how to better plan a project, how to motivate a team, how to monitor project status or how to adequately document the project closing process. The project management field includes a great deal of material from which an interesting topic might be chosen.

The basic article structure for a chosen topic is as follows:
1) Write an introduction, (100 words)
2) Write a paragraph about each of 3-5 main points, (90 words each)
3) Write a conclusion, (80 words)

This would result in an article of perhaps 500 words. The quality of the article can be reviewed and increased if necessary. For a more in depth article, the introduction or conclusion can be expanded and more content paragraphs can be added. Many other article structures are acceptable, but this simple layout is very easy to develop.

Although not required, you can add photographs to your article or blog post. This may add interesting elements to an otherwise dry article. If you do choose to include images, however, remember that plagiarism is never appropriate. You should, instead, obtain images from a government or other public domain web site or from another site that offers freely available images. You can create your own images, of course.

Suggested Project Management Article Titles

When you write an article for renewal credit in the “2B” PDU category, it must pertain to project management. It must then be published in a journal focused on the project management field. Since there are so many facets to the PM field, the author has a wide variety of choices. Often the hardest step can be deciding what to write about. Here is a list of suggestions, any of which may make a great PDU credit earning article when written from your personal viewpoint:

Lessons learned from a large project - this topic is of great interest to others in the industry. Too many times, there is not enough sharing of results. As a result, articles on this topic can be very valuable indeed.

Lessons learned from a small project - similar to large efforts, the information shared in this article can be extremely helpful.

How to select a project software application - many people in the industry are in need of this type of information.

How to build a project plan - one of the basic points of knowledge for everyone.

How to build a communications plan - another basic topic.

The most important project variable to monitor - help with monitoring is always in demand.

How to improve team performance - this topic is not covered very well currently.

How to report bad project news - too many times, people just ignore bad news, at the peril of the entire organization.

How to report good project news - share your successes as well.

How to repeat great project results - sharing again.

What not to do when managing a project overseas - multinational efforts are much more common now. And full of problems.

There are obviously thousands of articles that could be derived from this list. When you consider that each one will potentially earn 15 credits towards the renewal of the professional credential, just getting started may be a rewarding prospect.