Projection alarm clocks are a fun and interesting twist on the traditional alarm clock. These clocks actually project images of the time onto the ceiling over the bed, or onto a wall. They come in several models and may offer additional information besides the time; some have dates or calendars, indoor or outdoor temperatures and remote accessories. Several projection clocks offer variable color displays so you can choose the best color for your room or have it constantly changing. Continuous projection clocks are normally those that have a plug in or permanent power supply. Others, typically less costly and battery powered offer a projected image when you hit a button. The nice thing about these alarm clocks is that when the room is dark, you can just look up and see the time, no need to move about and disturb your comfort or spouse.

These clocks come in a variety of styles, sleek, classic and some look like familiar characters such as Artoo Dee Too, from the Star Wars series, Transformers or Batman. There are even models available that link to your iPod so you can awake to your favorite music! You can find them at many different novelty shops, retailers, malls and clock shops.

Some recurring problems with these clocks include the projection lighting being too bright. Some models require a button to be held in order to project the image and many find this to be inconvenient, other people prefer this to a constant or continuous display that may add excess lighting to a room. Having a single option for light color can prove bothersome if you find the color distracting to your ability to sleep or relax. A multi-color option may work if the color wheel has the option to lock onto a particular color. Often the clock is reset upon loss of power and may be difficult to reset. Many have some complicated instructions for setting up additional functions, such as the radio alarm setting, so be sure you keep track of the manual and any instructions packaged in the box.

As with an alarm clock radio there are atomic desk clock varieties that can set and reset themselves, manually controlled ones, radio, iPod and cd types and all sorts of alarm styles are available from quiet buzzes and little beeps to shrill high pitched squeals and harsh loud squalls.

A projection alarm clock can add an element of style, excitement and fun to any room or office; including dining, living and bedrooms, they allow more relaxed enjoyable viewing of the time and create a unique atmosphere. They can be novel and fun or serious elements of style. If your looking for a new and different time piece then large wall clocks might be just what you are looking for.