Did you know that you can buy prom dresses under 100 dollars that look absolutely stunning and will make you look and feel like a princess come prom night. In today's economical climate families are struggling to cope with the increased fuel and energy bills and as most of us know stylish and elegant prom dresses do not come cheap. But by shopping around online you will be able to quickly find hundreds upon hundreds of prom dresses that not only cost under 100 dollars, but will give you plenty of change leftover to buy other important prom night accessories such as your shoes, jewelry, hair and make up.

Shopping online for prom dresses can be a little daunting though, lots of people are still concerned will they get scammed. Let me tell you this Internet shopping is probably one of the safest and cheapest methods of shopping that there is. Most online companies accept payment via paypal, which if a purchase go's wrong you can easily get a refund, especially on prom dress that cost under $100.

The first thing that you need to do is take your measurements, most online sellers will ask for several different measurements to ensure that they sell you a prom dress that is the right size for you. Once you have got your measurements, a good place to start is by doing a bit of online research. This is so quick and easy to do, all you need to do is hop over to google and type into the search box 'Prom Dresses under 100 dollars'. You will now have page after page of prom dresses that not only look stylish and elegant, but amazingly cost under $100.

Spend a bit of time, going through each different seller's website, a good tip is to have a pen and piece of paper at hand. To write down the name of the website and prom dress that you might be interested in buying. Don't make the mistake of jumping straight in and buying the first prom dress that you see. Don't get me wrong, you may end up buying the first dress that you spot. But to make sure that you get the best prom dress possible, one which is going to make you look like a princess. You really do need to spend a little bit of time looking through the hundreds upon hundreds of different prom dresses that you can buy online for under 100 dollars.

Another good tip is to not leave buying your prom dress to the very last minute, this is because some seller's will actually make the prom dress to your exact measurements. I know your probably thinking now, how can anyone custom make a prom dress for under one hundred dollars. Well, its because most of these sellers are located in China and Hong Kong were labor and materials are much cheaper. So it might take as long as 6 weeks, before you receive your beautiful prom dress.

The big online auction website eBay sells lots of prom dresses for under 100 dollars and is probably one of the most popular ways to buy cheap prom dresses online. A word of warning though to make sure that you buy a beautiful prom dress, its a must that you read the sellers feedback before you buy. This is going to ensure that you pick a seller, who makes prom dresses to high quality standards. You will also notice that lots of different sellers, may custom make the same prom dress. But the prices vary from seller to seller, don't choose a seller based on price alone. If you see a dress that you really like and are ready to buy, don't buy it from a seller with really low feedback, just because its that little bit cheaper. Spend that little bit extra on buying from a seller with high and positive feedback. Don't worry almost every custom made prom dress from china or Hong Kong is going to set you back well under 100 dollars.

Another tip when buying prom dresses on eBay for under $100. Always look at what the final price will be before you make your purchase. You will find lots and lots of prom dresses listed with a buy it now price of just 99 cents. At first glance it looks like the bargain of the century, but most of the time this extremely cheap price is there to en-tight you in. What you will find is that the postage and packaging is over one hundred dollars. So in effect you are paying well over one hundred dollars for your prom dress.

Another good eBay prom dress shopping tip is to look for sellers that will sell you the total outfit. Some sellers will make you a custom made prom dress, with matching shoes, jewelry and handbag for under $100. But this can be, a bit hit and miss, so if you decide to take this option don't except too much.

Speaking from experience myself, my wife purchased two bridesmaid dresses off eBay not so long a go, which were custom made for under $100 each from a seller in china. Her friend works in a wedding and bridal wear shop and virtually the same dress was selling for nearly $1000. It was around 8 weeks from the wedding date, when we ordered and purchased the dresses, the seller give us a list of measurements that we needed to take and email over to them. Once we emailed them, the dress maker got to work and started making the beautiful dresses. My wife is lucky because one of her friends does dress alterations, so for such a cheap price we were expecting that she would be needed. After all we were getting a $1000 dress for just under $100.

Just over 2 weeks later, both dresses arrived, to be honest I wasn't expecting much. I was amazed both dresses fitted perfectly and the work and craftsmanship that had gone into each dress was amazing. These dresses looked like they had cost quite a bit of money, my wife even showed the dress to her friend who works in the bridal shop and even she was amazed. The owner of the shop even asked for the sellers details and is thinking about shipping some over to make a very nice profit.

So if you are on a tight budget, eBay is a fantastic place to look for prom dresses under 100 dollars. It's not the only place online though, the secret to buying a cheap and beautiful looking prom dress is to shop around and not leave buying the dress to the very last minute. Give yourself at least 6 weeks, should you decide to buy the dress from overseas such as China and Hong Kong, were its need to be custom made to your measurements and then shipped over to you which can take up to 6 weeks.