The perfect prom night is what every teenager wishes for. It's a tumultuous slice of Americana that encapsulates the hormone-fuelled march from adolescence into adulthood. It's a chance to party, a chance to let of some steam, a chance to celebrate past achievements and to look forward to the future with optimism.

This list of prom night tips will hopefully allow a memorable night to become that little bit extra special.

10. Budget

It's very easy to get caught up in the romance and excitement of your prom night and get carried away with extravagent plans.

It's important to remember that  although this can be a very special night it can also be very expensive. You want to have some great memories of the evening but it doesn't have to cost the earth.

You definitely need a budget and the ability to stick to that budget. If you're being helped out financially by parents or friends then include them in the process. They could have a few money saving tips as well!

Think first about how much you can spend it total. Once you have this figure, break down what you need to spend it on.You'll need your tickets, and a prom dress, transportation, and so on so. Make sure you list everything that is required.

Once you have your requirements then proportion a part of your bedget to each. It may be worth looking into borrowing a prom dress from an older friend/sister or chipping in with friends for the transportation.

By The Hour

9. Respect Your Date

It is traditional for young people to go to prom accompanied by a date. This doesn't always have to be a long time partner but can be a friend or someone special that you have just plucked up the courage to ask out.

It's important to remember that if this is the first date you have been on with your partner then it might not all go according to plan. If your partner doesn't turn out to be Mr/Mrs right then it leaves you in a slightly awkward position. If the first date had just been a trip to the cinema it would be quite easy to have an early night and end things there. This isn't really an option on prom night.

You can't ditch your date after 15 minutes and ignore them as you go off with your mates and have fun. Be thoughtful.

 If it appears that your date isn't in your long-term plans then try to find something about them to like just for that night. They will probably not feel any chemistry either but it's all about making the best  of a bad situation. Try and include them with your friends and hang out as a group. 

I think only slightly worse than having a terrible prom is ruining someone elses prom night so think before you just ditch your date.

8. What Happens on Prom Night Stays on Prom Night....and Perhaps Your Permanent Record

Prom night is not a weekend away with friends to Vegas. It is not the last days of Rome. There are no fraternity codes of secrecy. What happens on prom night CERTAINLY DOES NOT always stay on prom night. They are consequences.

It's important to have fun but don't let the excitement of the night let you stray into activities that could end you up in trouble. Police don't discriminate and give you a free-pass for prom night and neither do college boards, judges, local residents and  generally all other people. 

One year at my local high school,  the seniors decided it would be fun to kipnap a couple of local sheep from a nearby farm and let them loose in the school. It all sounded quite a laugh until the farmer reported them stolen and the police arrived at the school to arrest the pupils concerned! Be warned.


7. Prom Night Does Not Equal Sex

It is a growing American obsession that Prom night must equate to losing ones virginity or having sex with your partner. It simply does not.

For all hormone raged adolescents it can be a difficult time. It is a time when you are leaving childhood and becoming an adult and with that comes taking responsibilities for your behaviour.

Don't feel pressurised into sex or get caught up in the moment and romance of it all. Here's the truth. Nothing will ruin your memories of prom night more than a terrible sexual encounter. If you rush into it you solely because it is prom night you will probably regret it.

Here's my advice. Despite the fact that all teenagers think their current partner is forever unfortunately that's not always the case. It is far more likely that the friends you have at school will still be in your life in 20 to 30 years so spend time with them. Make it an enjoyable night that you can reminise about years from now with your old friends. 



6. Don't Think the Entire Night Will be Perfect

It's as true of your prom night as it is your wedding day: Don't think the whole day will be perfect.

Prom night can be a brilliant evening that you'll remember for the rest of your life, but remember that it is only one night with friends and fancy dresses. If your expectations are too high at the start then you'll probably end up disappointed as events unfold.

Your friend that you find a little annoying will still be the same, the person that always tell lame jokes will still tell them, the bitchy girls will still be bitchy, the childish boys will still be childish, the only difference will be the lighting and the smart clothes!

It will be fun, it will be a laugh, there will be dancing, food and a lot of good memories. The night won't be perfect don't think it will be but it will be special if you make it so. Enjoy it for what it is.

5. Remain Sober

It is important to remember that with mobile phones these days, everyone there will have a camera. That means everyone there has the ability to capture you at your best, or unfortunately, your worst.

So remember, seeing someone drunk and passing out into the punch bowl is hilarious for everyone except the person it happens to. If you don't want to become a youtube sensation overnight stay clear of alcohol.

4. Take Lots of Pictures

This is a great night and although you may not think it now eventually you will want to look back on it in years to come. Nostalgia is always helped by loads of photos and prom night should be no exception.

It is also a good idea to meet up at someone house before the prom begins. This way mums and dads can join in the photos and they can have some memories of the night  as well as yourself. 

This is also quite a good idea as when the young people go off to the prom the adults can stay and have a few drinks together and not sit by themselves at home waiting for the kids to come home. It's a way of making the night special for the parents as well, although there will definitely be a few conversations starting,

"It seems like only yesterday I was bringing her home from hospital, and now that's her off to prom..."

but fear not. You'll be on your way to the prom at this point and can leave the parents to their trip down memory lane.

Group Of Teenage Friends Dressed For Prom

3. Group Rate on Hair and Make-up

If you are going to prom it's important to look fabulous but trips to the hair dressers can be expensive. It's worth looking into the possibility of getting a home visit from a stylist or hairdresser to do your hair as well as your friends. Not only can this result in a group rate discount but having all the girls together can make the event seem more special and memorable.


2. Be Safe

On the actual night if your leaving the school area and going to continue the  parting elsewhere then be sure that your parents know where you are going. I know that teenagers think that there are invincible and that nothing could possible happen to them but it's always better to be safe. 

1. Have Fun

I've saved the best advise for last. Make sure you have fun. Prom night is one of those landmark event in anyones life and it should be remembered as being special. Have fun and enjoy yourself. It should be a fabulous night.